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Netizens talk about how BTS and IZ*ONE took over Melon


Netizens are talking about how BTS and IZ*ONE dominated the Melon chart. 

On February 22 at 7 AM KST, 28 songs out of the top 50 on the Melon chart were from BTS and IZ*ONE. An anonymous post on an online community about this phenomenon has sparked the debate over the chart manipulation and the diversity in music. 

Some netizens are saying that fans streaming to make their group top the chart is not much different than "saejaegi" other than the fact they are not receiving a monetary reward. Others are rebutting this claim by saying these two groups already have a big enough fandom to dominate the chart so this is a natural phenomenon, thus different from maliciously manipulating the chart. 

Some of the comments include: "How is this different from saejaegi?", "I'm honestly tired of seeing songs by idols dominating the chart. No diversity at all.", "Well, if the either group didn't top the chart, everyone will start talking they are losing popularity and becoming irrelevant. Can't make everyone happy.", "At this point with that many people in the fandom, this is the opinion of the public. Those fandoms are the general public.", "I think it's just you limiting yourself. Open up and listen to some of these songs. They are actually good and that's why these songs are topping the chart."  

What are your thoughts?

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vavd1391972031,617 pts Saturday, February 22, 2020 2
Saturday, February 22, 2020

Should they apologize for being successful?!


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Eunbean1,547 pts Saturday, February 22, 2020 0
Saturday, February 22, 2020

some times I feel like knetz doesn't deserve kpop genre for how rude they are to idols



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