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YG Entertainment announces license agreement with Bravado


YG Entertainment officially announced a new license agreement with Bravado that includes Plans to launch BLACKPINK goods during first half of 2020 in Americas, Europe, and Australia regions.

Bravado is a merchandise company under Universal Music Group, the worlds largest music company.

The two companies are planning to release t-shirts, hoodies, hats & many other fashion items, dolls, figures, VIP packages, etc that have high value because they all contain BLACKPINK's energy and charms

Fans seem split on this news, as they are excited to receive new BLACKPINK merchandise, but are voicing their want of new music from the group.

"Yes! Happy to see merch become more widely available."

"Merch is great and all, but more music when?"

"Done with this. It’s obvious that these girls are models and cash grabs, not singers."

"...BLACKPINK are pretty much models/influencers at this point"

What are your thoughts on this news?

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15 days ago

A comeback would allow a big splash for the new merch. Come on YG. Use the brain. Comeback = more money for YG. So bring it.


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15 days ago

This is great. I was just saying that people always rag on blackpink for not having physical sales without realizing how hard it is for American yg fans to get merch and albums. If we want to buy it so that it counts toward Korean charts, we have to buy from Korean sites. The shipping is almost always MORE than the album and takes 20-40 BUSINESS days to arrive. So people more than likely buy off secondary sites or local ktowns. Those sales don't count toward anything. People have no clue how hard it is to get merch as a western yg stan. This is GREAT news. It's so much more convenient, sustainable and accessible. Soo excited 😭😭


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