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Joo Jin Mo's wife Min Hye Yeon deletes her social media after phone-hacking scandal, messages from 2013 revealed to gossip about women


Joo Jin Mo's wife Min Hye Yeon has deleted her social media profiles following her husband's phone-hacking scandal.

The actor previously revealed that he was a victim of phone hacking and was being blackmailed. A number of Kakaotalk messages from 2013 appeared on an online community board on the 10th titled "Joo Jin Mo Katalks" and spread quickly like wildfire. 

The messages show Joo Jin Mo gossiping about women and sharing pictures of Japanese models, home shopping MC's, a Miss Korea, and other female celebrities. They also contain messages regarding parties and his former dating life. The messages are rumored to be sent to actor Jang Dong Geun, who is close friends with Joo Jin Mo. There is no confirmation if the parties in the chatroom were actually Joo Jin Mo and Jang Dong Geun.

One such conversation reads as follows:

Responder: LOL I know the last girl

Joo Jin Mo: The one on top is 21. How do you know her?

Responder: She appeared in *drama name omitted*. She's in good shape but I remember that she lacked manners.

The actor has since gotten flack and support from netizens. Many believe that he spoke about women in a derogatory manner, and have been criticizing him for his messages stating: 

"Oh, I really dislike him now."

"Why are people who are defending him alive?"

"They're getting busted now that they're old."

However, others said that the conversations seemed normal, stating: 

"This really did break my image of him but it just sounds like normal guys talking about girls."

"It's not too bad..."

"What kind of man doesn't have conversations like these at least once?"

Meanwhile, Joo Jin Mo got married to his wife last June. 

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dof57 pts Friday, January 10, 2020 3
Friday, January 10, 2020

So he gets hacked and blackmailed for trivial "guy talk" from 7 years ago and netizens proceed to flame HIM?! If anything, they should be going after the perpetrator and praising Joo Jin Mo for being too damn perfect. Look into my phone from that long ago and you're definitely bound to find something shady.


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Fnby10101,895 pts Friday, January 10, 2020 0
Friday, January 10, 2020

Idk, to me it doesn't seem too bad. I mean guys be talking about hot girls all the time. I mean even girls be gossiping about other girls too.... and if this the only "bad" thing they found about him then this ain't nothing.



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