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GOT7 members write handwritten thank you messages to fans for their sixth anniversary


The GOT7 members have given fans a special treat by writing special handwritten messages to Ahgase's in order to celebrate their sixth anniversary!

The messages read as follow: 

"To Ahgasae: Six years have been filled since we started this journey with Ahgasae. I'm sad and regretful that time is flying so quickly. I want to make time go slower so we can pick up memories faster. We spend each day sincerely grateful for you guys for existing. We hope we are like that too. Always rooting for you, Yugyeom."

"To Ahgasae: Hi this is Bam Bam. It's already been six years. I didn't imagine time would move this fast. Thank you for loving us and raising us these past six years. If it hadn't been for you, I wouldn't be able to do what I love with confidence. I am truly grateful. Everyone says they're proud of GOT7 but I'm proud of Ahgase. Thank you for being with us for six years. Please help take care of me in the future."

"To our Ahgasae: It's already our sixth anniversary. I think the time I spent with you went too fast. I am sad and happy at the same time and I think we made a lot of memories together! Please take our happiness and become happier in the future. -Youngjae."

"To Ahgasae: six-year-old Ahgasaes, happy birthday. Our 6 years together wasn't always a flower road. But I'm happy that we had Ahgasaes to plant flowers in our hearts. I can't promise that all the roads we walk will be flower roads, but I can promise that I will stay steadfast in my heart and keep trying. Thank you and I love you. -Jinyoung"

"Hi, it's Jackson! I can't believe it's been six years. I think our time since debut has really flown by. We ran forward but now looking back I see that we've accomplished a lot. We learned a lot and gained experience and I feel like we've grown with our fans. I hope that the growth continues and we'll show you better music and works! I promise. As I've always said, there's still a long way ahead and even though I'm lacking in skills and experience there is nothing I can do but try harder. Fans are always worried about me, telling me to take care of my health, but I have no regrets. Because I am grateful that I can do what I'm doing and I might not have the same opportunity in the future. My only thought is to make a bigger history. It doesn't matter to me whether we can or cannot but whether we try or not try. Thank you and we will work hard. Keep watching out for us!"

"To Ahgasae: hello my (ahga)se's. It's been six years already! Thank you for being the reason for our happiness for the past six years. From 2014 to now, we've been so happy and we'll be even happier in 2020. Let's make beautiful memories. Congratulations on your six-year anniversary Ahgase's! I love you! -Mark"

"To Ahgasaes: everyone it's already been six years. Who knew the time would fly by so fast. It's because of you guys that we're where we are right now and I am sincerely thankful. I pray that you will also be happy as well. Every time I see you, I am touched and have a lot of thoughts. I hope no hardship befalls on you. I think it's great that our songs are a comfort to you in your hard times. For six years, many things have happened and we laughed and cried together. Thank you and good job. I hope all the times we spend together are beautiful. Thank you and congratulations on our sixth anniversary! Peace! JB."

What do you think of the messages?

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alexandra9304414 pts Wednesday, January 15, 2020 0
Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Seriously being an Ahgase is so rewarding. Honestly just thinking about watching a Got7 video makes me happy, I know its sounds weird but they really are my energy. When im having a bad day I watch Got7 and they make me happy again even when im having a good day they still make that day even brighter. I just feel so privileged/blessed to be a part of their journey and also ours (Ahgases).

Some of us have not been able to see them perform live but I still feel like we have a strong bond that cant be broken. We have been through alot in the past years, both ups and downs but since we always stod together we got stronger and we will keep growing in the future.

We will make history. Got7 as talented, hard working and down to earth guys that never gave up, showed everyone what they could and can do. Ahgase as the fandom that are everyones friend, the fandom that stays out of fanwars because Kpop is just a big family. But we will defend the boys if someone will mess with them, please dont because then you might get to see the phoenix side of us and we dont back down. Please only show love and support, say only good things, dont spread rumors. Remember kpop idol are just guys and girls following their dreams and we are their support. We are proud of them but we want them to feel proud of us too.

Sorry for the rant. We love you and we are so proud of you all<3



thegreenmedia27 pts Wednesday, January 15, 2020 0
Wednesday, January 15, 2020

It's been 6 years.

6 years of Joy, tears, sweat, happines again...

I don't think I could love other group as how I love them.

They truly feel like a nest where we can fly and comeback whenever we want!

Happy Anniversary GOT7♥



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