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Posted by GhostWriter AKP STAFF Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Staff Picks: Our Favorite MV's of 2019


2019 was another year filled with amazing K-Pop releases. Out of the countless new music videos that came our way this year, here are the favorites that the allkpop staff loved the most!

sl278's pick: VERIVERY - "Tag Tag Tag"

This song is super underrated. It's incredibly catchy, well-produced, and the music video is incredibly artistic as well. Give that they're the juniors of VIXX, the original concept monsters, it seems like this rookie group will have a lot to offer in the future. The ending also played a big factor in why I have big expectations for that group so check it out!

germainej's Pick: CIX - "Movie Star"

CIX's "Movie Star" knows what it's about and does it very well - visuals. From the first watch, there's nothing especially spectacular that's happening, but on the second watch, it's obvious the editing, lighting, set design, and especially the camerawork were crafted very carefully. The MV makers created something that could be basic into something dynamic to watch, and that's impressive to me.

Hannah's Pick: Gray - "TMI"

Gray’s music video for “TMI” oozes with energy. The bright, vibrant colors and playful graphics make the music video extremely fun. Each shot in the video is simply a photo shoot — Gray’s incredible visual + just as incredible videography, what more could you ask for? On top of that, all of the scenes in the video are just as relatable as the lyrics. This video made Gray feel not like a celebrity, but rather a real person who shares the same real-life problems (yes, even with his designer clothing).

Eric's Pick: (G)I-DLE - "Senorita"

This MV sees the band courting death and injury, as steam pipes burst, a sign crashes near them, and a boom from a crane narrowly misses a member's head. It was sponsored by a make-up company, though hardly an endorsement -- use our products and put your life in danger? Still, an awesome tune and video.

Julie's Pick: CL - "+DONE161201+"

For older KPOP fans that started back in the day, it's always a chill-inducing moment to hear the voice of our beloved Internet Mom: CL. Not only is this a great and catchy song but we also get plenty of excerpts of the great friends and family CL has made through the years like 2NE1 members, Taeyang, Lee Hi, and many others! This entire release has been a whirlwind of emotions for CL fans to see the ways she continues to grow in her career while giving tribute to the people that have helped her in her journey. Nothing will make a CL stan cry harder than seeing her reunite with her greatest friends while sharing her journey.

Jenny's Pick: VICTON - "Nostalgic Night"

VICTON has chosen to take the NU'EST route as one of their members takes part in a project group - in other words, long for that member. VICTON is especially more longing because they're missing their leader, someone who all the members heavily depended on. However, while sad for the group, the theme has produced beautiful music and a beautiful MV. The MV centers mostly around Byungchan and features gritty, fiery scenes against sweet, nostalgic ones.

Julia's Pick: Taeyeon - "Four Seasons"

It's a beautiful song with superb cinematography to match. Just a wonderful music video.

Lorraine's Pick: EVERGLOW - "Bon Bon Chocolat"

Many girl groups debut with safe pop songs and an aesthetic music video, but EVERGLOW's ultra-powerful and dynamic music video for "Bon Bon Chocolat" raised the bar this year for rookie group debuts. Though they are new to the scene, their powerful aesthetics and edgy single release earn them my vote for favorite MV release this year. We often see women portrayed as dainty and cutesy in K-Pop music videos, so we appreciate Stone Entertainment's active choice to push for a powerful and more badass concept. Their MV for "Bon Bon Chocolat" is an MV that other soon-to-debut groups should take notes on.

Hiju's Pick: JUS2 - "Focus On Me"

GOT7's individually stylish visuals have been doubled! The multiple layers in this MV speak to you in such a manner that every shot transports you to another beguiling world. Accompanying the music perfectly, the scenes overlap and intertwine flawlessly, projecting flexible framing techniques, 3D effects, and intact editing that the whole thing almost feels like a one-take. If JJ Project mirrored each other in “Tomorrow, Today,” then JUS2 often clone themselves within a single frame, while keeping a balance between left and right. From a runway setting to a galactic dreamscape, the sets play a significant role in taking the boys and the viewers on an unforgettable audiovisual journey.

Beans's Pick: ATEEZ - "Illusion"

Time for me to fess up. The main reason I became interested in ATEEZ last year was because I found out their debut song was going to be called "Pirate King". (Yes, I'm a One Piece fan.) After "Pirate King", I was worried that the group would abandon their pirate concept all too quickly for more "cooler" and "modern" styles, so this MV was a really pleasant surprise. I also love the playful, nonsensical nature of this song, of course, and to see the members sailing in the sky toward Skypiea  and continuing their pirate storyline was a sweet treat this past summer. 

Dani's Pick: TXT - "Crown"

I love all of TXT's music videos so far, but the music video for "Crown" was most impactful to me because it was the first time that we were introduced to the group and its members. This music video really does have it all - from the song's highly synchronized choreography and music video's special effects to the addictive 'but I love it' hook in the chorus. This group is so talented, and I am really excited to see where they (and their music videos!) will go.

Paul's Pick: XXX - "Ganju Gok"

Although the song was released in 2018, the MV dropped in February 2019. From the running horse in the daylight field to the running bull (Lamborghini Huracán) in the city night, this MV is just sensory overload.

KG's Pick: BLACKPINK - "Kill This Love"

The girls are so badass yet look so beautiful in this music video. The outfits and music video sets are top-notch. This is what music videos are all about.

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hiroonakamura462 pts Thursday, December 26, 2019 0
Thursday, December 26, 2019

thumbs up to most you MV pickers in the staff! Usually you guys just tend to pick MVs that are from popular songs, but this time everyone except KG picked MV's that were different and where the song quality wasnt the most important one but where the MV quality was more important!



HSK1,570 pts Thursday, December 26, 2019 0
Thursday, December 26, 2019

Personally said, I liked CL (happy she's back!), TXT and - most importantly - MAMAMOO. MAMAMOO's "HIP" was such a bop and a big, well-deserved "f%#k you" to all their haters 😏



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