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Actor Ji Chang Wook's fans speak on his behalf after live stream smoking issue


Actor Ji Chang Wook's fans spoke on his behalf after his live-streaming cigarette smoking issue.

In a recent Instagram story post, Ji Chang Wook streamed himself smoking a cigarette, which became an issue. Some netizens felt his smoking on a live stream was problematic, while others felt there was nothing wrong with an adult smoking.

Though the actor's label stated they had no comments, his official fan gallery on DCInside spoke up on his behalf. His fans stated, "Ji Chang Wook's fans believe that he's someone who has enormous influence on society, and he should be even more careful about each of his actions. Fans apologize on his behalf as he's shown a bad image to young people, who he should be planting dreams for as a celebrity. We won't refrain from giving Ji Chang Wook advice not to do this in the future." 

What are your thoughts on the incident?

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Chark_Attack1,370 pts 30 days ago 12
30 days ago

Lol why are the fans talking like they are his parents? He is a grown man with an agency, don't need the fans to speak for him. Look, I like him as an actor and I don't like that he smokes either, but it just grinds my gear when fans talk like they own their bias.


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ygwinner-1,031 pts 30 days ago 7
30 days ago

While he's an adult and can do what he want. Maybe doing it on vlive is a bit much. Idc if people smoke but when they do it in front of my face and blow smoke its annoying. Doing it on camera is the same.


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