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Blue House petition started to ban X1 and IZ*ONE


A Blue House petition has been revealed to be in place asking to ban X1 and IZ*ONE after the show became wrapped up in a voting fraud controversy. 

The petition was submitted on November 7 and is titled 'ban IZ*ONE and X1 from all terrestrial broadcasts'. 

Part of the petition states: "The debuted X1 is currently blocked from performing, but IZ*ONE is acting as if nothing happened and are preparing for a comeback. This entire situation is the program's way of mocking us. Ban these groups from appearing on terrestrial broadcasts."

It seems like the anger is growing as recent reports revealed that the top 20 contestants of both 'Produce 48' and 'Produce X 101' were chosen even before the public voting started. What do you think of this situation? 

  1. IZ*ONE
  2. X1
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JadeMarie57 pts Friday, November 8, 2019 14
Friday, November 8, 2019

Instead of attacking the victims, why don't petition organisers do something legitimately useful? Or are they too lazy to actually think critically about the situation?

The kids in both groups did nothing wrong, do you think killing their dreams is going to resolve the attitude shown by those actually involved in creating this situation?


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joanner223,342 pts Friday, November 8, 2019 1
Friday, November 8, 2019

I feel so sorry for the idols 🥺


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