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Posted by eric_r_wirsing Monday, October 28, 2019

[MV and Album Review] VAV - 'Poison'



Track List

1. Poison (*Title)

2. 119

3. Runway

4. Sweet Heart

5. Poison (Inst.)

VAV has dropped their newest release, their fifth EP 'Poison.' This release has five tracks (fine -- four tracks and an instrumental). So if you were hoping for something more to put on your Halloween playlist, fret no more.

The title track "Poison" fronts the album. That song is actually quite a sharp piece of electropop. It's got great raps, deep-voiced ad-libs, and is just an example of perfect pop. You've also got the falsetto, and when it is all put together it is an absolute bop. They slow it down for "119." I like the cosmic synths and the whooshes that characterize the tune. It gets more exciting when it hits the chorus, though, with pre-chorus hijinks and a definite shift in tone. Additional synths come in like a steamroller. While it's not the most amazing tune, it's easy on the ears.

"Runway" seems to have more keyboards and electric guitar. They go heavy on the bass here, and it's more of a hip-hop inspired piece. At least, until the chorus. That's when they pull out all the stops, and the vocals go stratospheric. And I like the extensive use of raps here to boot. There's nothing to dislike about this song. "Sweet Heart" is their stab at soft, acoustic pop, different from any other song on here. And it's effective overall, with enough emotion and tenderness to carry the tune. A guitar keeps time behind them. I like the chorus, too, with the echo effects, and the way it switches gears quickly to the guitar-driven main verses.

One of the things I really like about this album is that it crosses genres rather effectively. You hear everything on this EP, from acoustic pieces to electropop to hip-hop. There should be something to please almost everyone here. And that's a good thing. They don't stick to one style, even a release as short as this one. And, really, they should keep doing that, pushing the boundaries. Because they kill it here.


This visually impressive MV seems to be set up mainly to show off some cool effects.

Sort of. Some of it's been done before (like standing in colored smoke). Other parts of it are just odd (like a hallway festooned with black balloons) and a CGI snake (for poison -- get it?). But I can't deny it makes for a slick package.

The settings are also designed for maximum effect, like a room bathed in red or standing atop a car in an alleyway, or dancing in front of burning picture frames. None of this makes any sense, of course, but it's not meant to. It's there for you to look at.

The dance moves are where this MV really shines. They move with purpose, power, and grace, effortlessly melding all three. Some of the choreo is derivative, but no less impressive in spite of that.

And there's the fan service. One of the members gives you a generous look at his chest and his chocolate abs. Three guesses as to who that might be. (No fair if you've already seen the MV -- you already know who it is.)

As I said, this MV is a stunner, just don't think too hard and you'll be just fine.


MV Relevance............8

MV Production...........9

MV Concept...............8


Album Production.....8

Album Concept.........8




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