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Han Hyun Min thanks Hoya for helping him in his first ever drama role + still meets up with him to play soccer


In a recent interview in light of his SBS mini drama 'Hip-Hop King', model-turned-actor Han Hyun Min expressed his heartfelt thanks toward Hoya, his 'Hip-Hop King' co-star. 

In the drama, Han Hyun Min played the role of Seo Ki Ha, the male lead Bang Young Baek (Hoya)'s best friend. Regarding his casting, Han Hyun Min revealed, "The director casted me. Both he and the writer said they felt like I would be a good fit for the role. But I'd never acted in anything in my life, so I was worried about being a nuisance."

He continued, "I had so many lines, so it was so hard to memorize them. Howon (Hoya) hyung told me, 'Instead of trying to memorize them, try to say them like they're your own words'. That made it easier." Han Hyun Min went on to elaborate on just what a big help Hoya was throughout his drama debut role, and that despite their 10-year age difference, they've become good friends now. "The most difficult thing was acting while interacting with others. Howon hyung really helped me so much. We had a lot of scenes together, and we lived close by, so we met up often. We got really close. He's doing mandatory public service now, and we still meet up here and there. We play soccer on the weekends," the model remarked. 

Finally, Han Hyun Min shared about his first acting experience, "Honestly, I'm not sure what to say about acting still. I'm still so new at everything. If I look back, I'd probably go, 'How did I even do that?'. Before being cast in 'Hip-Hop King', acting never even crossed my mind. I thought, 'What acting roles would there even be for someone like me? Other than a foreign immigrant worker'. But the role of Seo Ki Ha was basically me in real life. There were difficult times, but I made great memories and I found out how fun acting can be. It made me want to major in acting and try studying it seriously." Han Hyun Min then named Lee Kwang Soo as his role model, as a sunbae model-turned-actor as well as a popular variety star. 

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