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Super Junior's Heechul reveals he doesn't like opening his curtains because he fears for his privacy


Heechul is the main guest on the next episode of skyDrama's 'Why Did You Come to My Home?", where he reveals the impact his fame has taken on his everyday life.

While on the show, Heechul confessed to the long-lasting effects his career has made on his life, telling the show hosts that he is afraid of opening his curtains and "hates the sun" because of how many times his privacy has been violated.

He also revealed that he has never been on a trip with a girlfriend because, "Fans know when I leave the country as soon as I buy a plane ticket. I used to get so stressed out by this that I would change planes abroad, but they would still know where I was."

Continuing on he says,

"I prefer a house without a view rather than one with a good view. I usually spend my days inside with my dog watching Chinese dramas."

Upon hearing about his lonely and isolated lifestyle, rapper DinDin expressed his shock saying, "I had no idea this hyung led such a lonely life. Are you going to keep sitting alone in your nice house watching Chinese dramas? It hurts to see you like this."

Heechul made his debut in Super Junior in 2005 and has been under the scrutiny of the public eye since then. When talking about his past, Heechul spoke bluntly about both his gratitude for his popularity and the scars that were left from living without privacy. However, he ends this statement by saying that he has no regrets about becoming an entertainer.


He ended his story saying, "When I was young, I was always annoyed and hated it, but if I think about it, there isn't a single job in this world that isn't difficult. If I ever have a child, I want to make memories with them by appearing on entertainment shows together."

Heechul's episode of 'Why Did You Come to My Home' airs today at 7:40 PM KST.

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HanixHeechul887 pts Sunday, August 4, 2019 0
Sunday, August 4, 2019

He actually mentioned on KB about one time his privacy got invaded whilst at suju dorms, it was an apink episode and it was something about him running around with donghae then receiving a text saying "heechul your teddy bear underwear is so cute"



teleri3,868 pts Sunday, August 4, 2019 0
Sunday, August 4, 2019

Oh, poor Heechul :( I feel for him. I'm glad that he still doesn't regret his choices, tho. Regrets can eat away at you!



Jin, Sehun
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Jin, Sehun
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