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Burning Sun Whistleblower, sued for defamation


‘Burning Sun’ whistleblower, Kim Sangkyo is being sued for defamation.

Four people, including aYouTuber known here as ‘ Mr. Na’ and someone known as ‘A’ put forward a defamation case against  Kim in the afternoon of Monday, 19th August, at the Seoul Central Prosecutors' The lawsuit is for allegations of defamation and dissemination of false facts. 

Those filing the lawsuit stated, “Mr. Kim made a YouTube video of the false information regarding the Club ‘Burning Sun’ and asked us to air it, and when we complained about it, he blocked contact with us and spread offensive rumors or false information about us."

An anonymous plaintiff claimed "This complaint is a lawsuit.Those who got the charges are not just a group which was defamed by Kim Sang-kyo, but aides who trusted him to the end of the Burning Sun incident."

They also stated that the death threats that he claims he was getting were lies

In addition to the complaints against Kim, a disclosed KakaoTalk conversation was provided

The message shows a photo of a woman playing a recorder through her nose with the messages send by Kim reading” Seungri’s younger sister was blowing a recorder through her nose at a birthday party on the day of her brother's detention warrant."
The photo in question, was in fact not Seungri’s sister. The photo is from Yoo Byungjae’s birthday party,  You can watch the video from the party here: 


Let me know your thoughts on this and do you you think the lawsuit will be won by the plaintiffs? 

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tristanah3,246 pts Tuesday, August 20, 2019 3
Tuesday, August 20, 2019

I hope it's the beginning of Karma's work, I expect patiently for reporter Kang and her fellow social attorney Bang bcs they benefited the most at personal level from their dirty media play against Seungri. Their allegations couldn't be proven after months of investigations but destroyed SR's career and reputation anyway.


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jhn18330 pts Tuesday, August 20, 2019 3
Tuesday, August 20, 2019

It would be great if people didn't dismiss this as some VIP oppaologist thing because they're uninformed on who this man is. This guys claims about Burning Sun had nothing to do with Seungri. This guy finally being exposed for being a lying narcissist changes absolutely nothing for Seungri or the Burning Sun case.

This man didn't 'blow the whistle' on burning sun because he wants to protect women. The entire case began with him wanting revenge on the club after an altercation with a staff member that began after he harassed several women inside, all shown on CCTV. When things started snowballing with the case, he was just in the right place at the right time. He made himself the face of the scandal so he could feel powerful and important and act out revenge plots against unrelated people who'd wronged him.

These four people suing him have been helping and advocating for this guy for months, they were on his side, helping him to expose the Burning Sun scandal. Now, they've realised many of his claims were false and when they tried to talk to him about his changing stories and increasingly disturbing rants and plots, he blocked them on all SNS and defamed them, then told the police he was being threatened by them (and others) so he could receive police protection and keep playing the nation's hero.

These people have already revealed messages from him saying he'll show everyone 'what real power is', how he has a magnate grandfather who'll make people disappear, how his mother's friend has ties to the triad and has offered to kill people for him. He threatened the life of a journalist in a KKT message to one of these people now suing him. A journalist who helped this guy 'expose' the case. Some gratitude! He's a lying narcissist and him finally being exposed takes nothing away from the Burning Sun case because this guy only stumbled into what it became and he doesn't care about women in the slightest. He went on national TV and said 'If i was harassing those women, why didn't they leave the club?' then he CRIED, playing the victim again, right after a video was shown of him harassing women, them moving to opposite sides of the venue to get away from him, and him following them lol.

The Burning Sun case saw hundreds of people arrested and that's fantastic, but this guy is still a power-hungry liar who harassed women and used this scandal for his own gain and he deserves the lawsuit these people are throwing at him. Him being a liar doesn't undo the arrests. It's all good.


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