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NCT 127 releases the English version of 'Highway to Heaven' + talk about the song, their favorite touring city, and more on Apple Music's Beats 1


NCT 127’s new song “Highway to Heaven" was chosen as Zane Lowe’s World Record on Apple Music’s Beats 1. The group has been listed as one of Apple Music's Up Next artists and participated in a FaceTime interview to discuss the new track, making the video in the desert, and how they know when they’ve made a good song. They also professed their love for Miami Beach and their love for their new song.

On 'Highway To Heaven'

NCT127: You guys might already know the name of Social House, but they were also a part of this whole production. Highway to Heaven came to us and we were very- the moment we heard it, we were like Dang, this is... this is like a really good song. And so like we fell in love with it the moment we started hearing it as well. And so we had a great time recording it. The message inside it is very good too. They were just trying to bring the positivity out to the world again and just show how everyone could step aside from their stresses and from their reality and just really take the highway to heaven and do what you love. And that's what we're always trying to spread with our music. I feel like it's usually very quiet and then we just start staring at each other and we're just like, oh, it's going to happen. This song, it's going to come out and it's going to be really good. And also when we put the performances and like our voices onto it as well, it feels like the pieces are all coming together and then once it becomes our own thing, I feel like that's when the magic really opens and like Highway to Heaven is definitely one of those songs that really makes us all feel the magic altogether.

NCT127: We started off with our We are Superhuman album which came out not too long ago and we made it in a Korean version, but we were like, this song also has to come out with English lyrics so we can connect to all our fans internationally, yeah. When we were recording it, I felt like our fans are going to really relate to our song this time and people are going to really want to listen to it over and over again. It's one of those songs you just want to listen to on your car ride home or anything like that. Right now, we're just on planes all the time so we ain't driving yet. And we also have a music video for the song as well so-So that goes for the English version of Highway to Heaven. We actually filmed it in LA. It was really hot. It took two days for us to film it. And we had a great time and I feel that we are looking forward to the video as well. The choreography is very nice as well and we can not wait for our fans to like it. I saw an actual lizard while filming that video. That was my first time seeing a real lizard. I don't think it was that big. Tiny, tiny. Very tiny. I think it was because it was the first time we were actually filming inside a desert? It was just new to us as well. Just seeing the smallest rock would excite us. We're like, "That's a rock inside a desert right now that we are in." Like the experience..

On what else they’re working on

NCT127: Well we are actually on the continuing of our first world tour in Neo City, and we're actually almost done with it, which is actually kind of sad, but we did have a lot of experiences during the whole ride, so we feel very good but at the same time kind of sad. Anyways, with the music that we're always releasing, like Highway to Heaven, but not only that; we always work on music as well, and it's all for the connection with our fans. We are always continuously working on new music, but right now we're focused on the tour and what's about to come, which is Highway to Heaven. Because it was our first world tour, just going around to every city and actually meeting our fans face-to-face. We went to cities that we'd never been to before and noticed that we had fans there that we had no idea that we had fans there. So it was just an amazing experience, just to know that we have fans there, and just to know that there are people supporting us all around the world. Meeting them face-to-face really brought us closer together and we could feel a connection that was getting stronger every time we saw them while we were performing. It was such an amazing experience that we are probably not going to forget for the rest of our lives.

On their favorite touring city

NCT127: Well, we all loved Miami Beach. We had a chance to go to the beach when we were on tour in Miami. Everyone loved it. We're also in London right now. Yes! Sometimes, like, this is our... wait. What, like the third day, that we're here? Yeah, it is. This is our first time in London, but-through this tour we're really stacking so many new experiences that we've never done our whole lives, so this whole tour, in general, is really really special, but coming to London for the first time, too, was really exciting, yeah.

The group has also uploaded a video of the English version of "Highway to Heaven" as well. 

Check out clips of their interview below: 

Credit: Zane/Beats 1/Apple Music.

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Thursday, July 18, 2019

Without watching the video, I can tell which answer was given by Mark lol


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Thursday, July 18, 2019

I was like 'This has to be Mark' after reading the first two sentences of the interview. It's amazing how we know it's him just by reading his words...highway to heaven is THAT song. No matter the language or the lyrics. It just is.



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