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Posted by K_J_Y1,201 pts Sunday, July 21, 2019

Billboard writer Tamar Herman angers ARMYs, again


Tamar Herman is no stranger to BTS's fans. The "k-pop expert" has showed a lot of unprofessionalism and ignorance and she is not on very good terms with ARMYs.

During the talk on military exemption, the writer's article on billboard was claiming that the National Assembly Defense Committee is calling for amendments for exemptions due to BTS fans submitting a petition to exempt BTS from the military, when in fact it was because of BTS' success that politicians are considering their exemption and the petition originally had 8 people, all of them are politicians.

Her recent controversial issue is her interview with youtube channel 'DKDKTV',

"People are exhausted for getting so much exposure to BTS, I do feel like we need some fresh faces in the industry" - Danny from DKDKTV
"Alot of people are frustrated that there havent been any popular bgs since BTS, its all been BTS" - Tamar

Tamar on Weverse- "I kinda got creeped out by it because I was just like, I dont neccesarily believe its them (BTS) doing it (posting/replying to fans), whereas twitter I usually think its them
Danny on Weverse -I dont believe these busy people would be using an app like weverse

Tamar - "By having all these apps, the whole goal is to kinda fill the minds/existance of fans who are interested in BTS with so much BTS that they can never look anywhere else.."

The billboard writer is also writing an unauthorized book on BTS , which is more frustrating for ARMYs.

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ratmonster4,305 pts Sunday, July 21, 2019 9
Sunday, July 21, 2019

But in my opinion BTS is not the only popular boy group? NCT 127 and Monsta x are also starting to appeal to international public since this year. Yes BTS is obviously the most popular but as kpop groups go there are other quite popular groups too.

Also BTS can’t help it that they’re popular, and it’s annoying when people keep complaining about it when other groups have their own fanbases too but are very lazy (nctzens).


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Kirsty_Louise6,454 pts Sunday, July 21, 2019 2
Sunday, July 21, 2019

This channel went about this the wrong way. Instead of complaining that BTS gets too much attention, stop mentioning them and focus on the groups they want to have more attention.

Interestingly I went on to Tamar Herman's Twitter to see these tweets and her pinned tweet is her talking about BTS. She's also writing a book, so it seems like their popularity is only okay when she needs it.

The unprofessionalism from Danny to is unreal. He was saying things like this but when ARMY's come for him it's not acceptable.

This was even mentioned in the apology video by DKDKTV. Yet ARMY's are the one problematic people here?

I think this has been blown all out of proportion. There's fault on both sides, the death threats are absolutely not acceptable. But they are the minority, read the comments and see for yourselves.


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