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"Be my muse", BTS V captures the eyes and hearts of many photographers


Every photographer needs a source of inspiration, a model who has not only a symmetrical face, but someone who can use their posing, facial expressions and artistic intuition to help create the photographer's vision. 

Member V from BTS has been a hot issue on online community as he attarcted lots of attention with his visuals as well as being a favourite and an inspiration for many photographers who worked with BTS.

On Standard FM Idol Radio, photographer Rie shared behind-the-scenes stories of "Season Greeting 2019" and picked V as the member who takes the least time to photograph among those whom she has worked with in the past. She explained, "Because he was originally very handsome, I got nice photos from any angle. It took V about 15 minutes to shoot the outdoor concept". 

She then added, "After that, we became close and often met each other. Every time we meet privately, we often take pictures and have fun together."

The photos boast off V's innocent and pure beauty!

Samdameshek, a California based photographer who specializes in lifestyle and fashion photography, posted his pictures with V on instagram with caption "New York for like a day or two! Me and my boy V". The two seemed to have so much fun together and drew attention with their cute posing.

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New York for like a day or two! Me & my boy V

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In other photos, V looks handsome and shining when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in, his true beauty is revealed as if there is a light coming from within!

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@bts.bighitofficial and the New York skyline on film

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Soorin Kim, a photographer and founder and creative director of Entre Rêves, worked with BTS for the photo book in the BTS WORLD OST album. She said she was honoured to work with BTS and thought they are really handsome and nice! and took a photo with V. 

She expressed her happiness that the photos she liked the most were included in the photo book. Also, she received a positive response from netizens who admired her photography skills especially the photos taken of V where his visuals stood out and his expressions told a story about his character in the game.

Shin Sunhye is a professional photographer, famous for her works for ELLE and VOGUE Korea magazines. She has her own style and takes flowers as her own subject or theme. She worked with BTS in 2016 with GQ korea magazine and love yourself posters.

 V shared beautiful photos taken by Shin Sunhye on BTS official twitter account, and soon after, the photographer's name became a hot issue on worldwide trends. In the photos, V is holding flowers with his right hand while turning his back to the camera! the photographs created in accordance with the Sunhye's vision captured V's beauty in an artistic way. 

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Kirsty_Louise10,128 pts Sunday, July 21, 2019 2
Sunday, July 21, 2019

Jimin is my boy, I love him and think he's stunning....all of BTS are good looking let's be honest. But damn, I just don't understand Taehyung. In every photo shoot he looks incredible. He's beautiful, he really is.


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K_J_Y1,210 pts Sunday, July 21, 2019 0
Sunday, July 21, 2019

Our beautiful taetae



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