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Police reportedly investigated B.I in 2016 and forwarded the case to prosecution + netizens react


Police reportedly investigated B.I in 2016 and forwarded the case to prosecution.

According to a KBS report on the 16th,
the police did actually file a separate investigative report about iKON's B.I alleged drug use and forwarded the case to prosecution. The prosecutor's office, however, took no further action in the case.

KBS references a document dated 8.31.2016, the day after Han Seo Hee ,'A', changed her statement to police about B.I's alleged drug purchase. On the face of the document, Kim Hanbin's (B.I)'s name is clearly noted on the title with a detailed report about Han Seo Hee's statements on B.I's alleged drug purchase and her delivery to him. The next time she arrived for investigation with her lawyer, however, she changed her statement.

The report also details police suspicions about Han Seo Hee's statement as follows:

"The lawyer didn't allow 'A' to speak freely. It appeared almost like she had been given written instructions so that her statements were vague and non-incriminatory."
"When the lawyer left the room, she began crying and apologizing. She said, "There's something I can't talk about. I'm sorry. I don't know what to do."
"Materials provided by 'A' including contents of the katalk chats have been forwarded to prosecution for investigation."

Since police appeared to have submitted their reports on the alleged drug allegations involving B.I, many are asking for clarifications from the prosecution as to why they didn't prosecute the case and why they allowed the informant 'A' to leave the country at that time.

  1. 1. [+534, -5] I can't believe anything anymore. Appoint a special counsel and investigate it thoroughly.
  2. 2. [+236, -3] Burning Sun is also YG. Which means that the microscope needs to be on those at the top. It's the same thing. Nothing will change.
  3. 3. [+230, -2] Regardless of him resigning, I don't think much will change at this point. They're all dogs and pigs, guilty as can be..
  4. 4. [+101, -3] We need to take Yang Hyun Suk out and arrest him~
  5. 5. [+55, -0] All those involved need to be rooted out...it's time to take out the garbage!
  6. 6. [+21, -1] ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋSince when are you going to investigate?? ㅋ ㅋAnd what about Seungri? You had all the evidence but still nothing happened!!
  7. 7. [+12, -0] The prosecution is corrupt! We need to find out who they are~~
  8. 8. [+12, -1] The president needs to come out and declare an investigation at this point. We need to take out Park Geun-hye and Lee Hyun-seok!
  9. 9. [+8, -0] He needs to take a test and have it investigated...there is something definitely wrong..
  10. 10. [+8, -1] ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ Money speaks after all. How much did you write Yang Hyun Suk?? This must go to a special investigation. All idols need to be investigated.
  11. 11. [+6, -0] This is similar to Burning Sun case too. The problem is the prosecution. We need to reveal everything from the police collusion to the top line corruption..
  12. 12. [+5, -0] YG has been playing with the power of the Republic of Korea..
  13. 13. [+4, -0] At this point I highly suspect there are high ranking officials, entertainers and politicians involved~~
  1. B.I
  2. Yang Hyun Suk
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Canucks4Life2,226 pts Sunday, June 16, 2019 9
Sunday, June 16, 2019

It's really hard to argue against his corruption at this point.

Literally the shadiest part of this thing is he is willing to hide the criminals until he needs to throw them under the bus to save himself.

It almost makes you feel bad for them until you remember that regardless what he did they still broke the law.


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changminbaby6,749 pts Sunday, June 16, 2019 0
Sunday, June 16, 2019

i agree with the comment that the president needs to come out and declare a special investigation but for both this case and BS case ,cops corrupted prosecution corrupted how will this get fairly investigated at this point



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