Posted by Susan-Han Thursday, June 6, 2019

Jang Jae In asks Nam Tae Hyun's fans to stop sending her threatening messages


Some time after exposing singer Nam Tae Hyun for cheating on her with other women via her Instagram, singer/song-writer Jang Jae In took to her Instagram story again on June 7 to ask fans of Nam Tae Hyun to stop sending her threatening messages. 

After appearing together on tvN variety program 'Studio Vibes', Jang Jae In and Nam Tae Hyun went public with their relationship back in April. However, according to Jang Jae In's recent Instagram posts, Nam Tae Hyun has been cheating with numerous women on the side, as the women themselves contacted Jang Jae In, claiming that they were victimized. 

Once news of Nam Tae Hyun's possible two-timing became a hot issue among media outlets, some fans of Nam Tae Hyun began sending Jang Jae In threatening or derogatory messages. 

One fan wrote, "If you have issues in a relationship, just resolve it on your own. If you make it a public execution like this, does it really make you feel better?" Another fan wrote, "Jae In, are you so happy right now?... Well, you were pretty much crawling on the floor in terms of popularity, so you wanted to get higher even if it meant stepping on Tae Hyun's head to do so, but that's not how people should be.... In truth, these past few months and these next few months were really important for Tae Hyun but being with you, it's all already gone up in smoke."  

In response to such messages from Nam Tae Hyun's fans, Jang Jae In said, "I spoke up because it is plenty a public issue, very well aware of the negative aftereffects it could also have on me. Tae Hyun's fans, please stop." 

In her most recent Instagram story post, Jang Jae In seemed to be referring to the same topic of Nam Tae Hyun cheating, as she wrote, "You even messed with people from other fields, not just the music industry..."

Meanwhile, Nam Tae Hyun's side has yet to release any statements regarding the ongoing issue.

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trogdorthe8th13,194 pts Thursday, June 6, 2019 22
Thursday, June 6, 2019

People are getting onto her for making this public. But the thing is, he initially WANTED the relationship to go public, so she agreed and took that risk with her career and her company for him. So in order to expose him and salvage her career in the eyes of the public, she honestly has every right to put this out there and put him on blast. If he cheated on her, then he willingly and purposefully convinced her to potentially put her future out on the line so things could go his way. People don't need to be threatening her, they've no right whatsoever to do that. Interesting that his side hasn't put out a statement though. If his fans are so confident in him, why aren't they calling him out for this, or asking why he hasn't made a statement to vehemently deny her claims? Methinks the boy got caught with his hand in the cookie jar, and he knows it.

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Canucks4Life2,731 pts Thursday, June 6, 2019 4
Thursday, June 6, 2019

Honestly I am not saying what she did was right or wrong but she doesn't deserve to be threatened over it, that is going to far.

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