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Jang Jae In accuses Nam Tae Hyun of cheating, deletes all Instagram posts

Singer Jang Jae In dropped some bombshells regarding her relationship with former WINNER member Nam Tae Hyun.

Jang Jae In and Nam Tae Hyun, who met on tvN's show 'studio vibes,' recently admitted to rumors of their relationship back in April. However, the female artist recently posted three screenshots accompanied with scathing commentary that implicate the former idol member in cheating allegations. 

According to the now deleted posts, Jang Jae In reveals that she received direct messages on Instagram from female 'A' who told her that Nam Tae Hyun was not only cheating on her but also lying about his relationship status. Nam Tae Hyun had apparently acted as if he had broken up with Jang Jae In but told 'A' that the agency had not released the news of the breakup. 


Jang Jae In also left several comments about Nam Tae Hyun's betrayal in the captions. 

'Because we acknowledged our relationship publicly

I put my company in a difficult position

If you're going to live like that you shouldn't reveal the news in the first place

And I wondered why you kept obsessing over it

It's really because you just wanted to go around doing 

whatever you wanted. 

To Nam Tae Hyun and especially his fans

Stop sending me hateful messages and comments 

It seems like other women may have quietly let this go

but I can't tolerate the fact that there might be more victims

There's probably no chance that you'll get your act together but at least live with some sense of decency.' 

The singer went on to personally tag Nam Tae Hyun in her posts and apologized to her fellow cast members on the show for cutting contact, stating that the Nam Tae Hyun would get angry at her whenever she tried to talk to others or participate in the group chat. 

Nam Tae Hyun has currently disabled commenting on all his Instagram posts. Although Jang Jae In promptly deleted all her posts one hour after the outburst, her Instagram bio remains: 

"All the rumors about you were real.
I know it's not just one.
Thank you for letting me speak out.
+Don't let the man control you. that's all.+"

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taichou_san5,651 pts Thursday, June 6, 2019 7
Thursday, June 6, 2019

well we all know tae hyun have the playboy vibe tho and yet his fans love it...kinda feels bad for the girls that date with him tho...

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renapxn615 pts Thursday, June 6, 2019 7
Thursday, June 6, 2019

I always knew he was trash, even during his WINNER days. He just gives off that pretentious asshole vibe.

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