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Han Hye Jin makes jaws drop with her black & white 'Harper's Bazaar' pictorial, celebrating her 20th debut anniversary


Top model Han Hye Jin celebrated her 20th anniversary since debut like the powerful, commandeering model that she is - with a jaw-dropping pictorial!

In the upcoming July issue of 'Harper's Bazaar', Han Hye Jin carried out a series of unique pictorials for a special, double-cover release. In her stark, black and white cover pictorial series, Han Hye Jin accentuated her model-line by painting her full body in a dark paint, wowing all with her toned physique from head to toe. 

Han Hye Jin revealed after the photoshoot, "I started toning my body about two months before. Solely for this specific pictorial. I was more focussed than ever in toning my body this time around. I thought the concept would be fun, and sure enough, it was. I'm happy that all of the preparation for his photoshoot paid off, and I'm happier than the photos came out great. Such a photoshoot can't just happen because I want it to. I can only carry out my duties as a model to the fullest if there's a great team to back me up. I'm thankful." 

You can find Han Hye Jin's full, charismatic black and white pictorial for the July issue of 'Harper's Bazaar', as well as previews of the colored cover pictorial, below. 

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DTRT7,260 pts Thursday, June 20, 2019 0
Thursday, June 20, 2019

From an art standpoint, that is a fantastic series of photographs.

Very avant garde as expected of Korea's top model.



shakesmilk916 pts Thursday, June 20, 2019 3
Thursday, June 20, 2019

Why are people saying that this is considered blackface? It's not. The colour itself has a chrome feel to it. It's art, and I don't think she or the photographer was thinking of portraying any sense of offense to the black community in Korea or around the world. I don't think people should comment about it on the basis of it being offensive. Because it really isn't. The sensitivity in today's age has doubled, to an extent where expressing certain things are immediately looked down upon. Everything has to be culturally or politically correct nowadays. We're being too sensitive and because of that, we have to be too careful in how or what we express to the world.

She spent half her life as a model and obviously worked with black male and female models and other minorities. There's no way she would ever portray herself as a black woman knowing the fact that she went through a tough time for being an Asian woman, in a world where mostly Caucasian models were usually the top choice.

She looks amazing by the way. The concept is beautiful and it's mesmerizing. She killed it in this photoshoot. She deserves only the good things.


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