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Yoochun denies offering ex Hwang Hana drugs & reveals she's been harassing him since breakup


Yoochun has denied offering his ex-fiancee Hwang Hana drugs and further revealed she's been harassing him since their breakup last May.

The JYJ member's agency revealed he would be holding a press conference to clear his name as Hwang Hana previously alleged a celebrity had offered or pushed her to take drugs. In a press conference on April 10, Yoochun stated as follows:

"Hello. This is Park Yoochun. I had many thoughts and worries before coming here. It was a difficult time. However, after gaining courage, I've decided to do this because I thought it was right that I speak on everything honestly in person. I had been receiving treatment for depression. For a while, I went through long investigations, and despite being found innocent legally, I spent a painful time being shamed by society and feeling ashamed with a guilty conscience. I would show self-restraint and self-reflection, thinking I could start over again, but then I'd be paralyzed by thoughts about wanting to die. When moments I was unable to forgive myself came, I wouldn't be able to sleep and drank alcohol. I received treatment for depression at a clinic and barely fell asleep with the prescribed sleeping pills.

I've never used drugs. I was so scared I could be mistaken as the celebrity who suggested Hwang Hana use drugs when I saw the reports and details on the drug investigation. I was terrified I'd be made into someone who uses drugs even though I've never used drugs. I was scared that no matter how hard I try to deny it, I could not avoid being made out to be that type of person. However, even if I get investigated, I thought I should say this in person because I've never used drugs.

Firstly, I broke up with Hwang Hana early last year after deciding to breakup. After the breakup, I was harassed by Hwang Hana with threats. Still, she was someone who liked me and stayed by my side in 2017 when I was going through a difficult time and thought the world had turned its back on me, so I felt sorry about it. This is why I would apologize, comfort her, and listen to her when she suddenly contacted me or come to my house to complain even after we broke up. At the time, I was distressed and fell asleep taking sleeping pills. I know Hwang Hana was also taking sleeping pills because of depression, but I have no connection to those pills.

She never talked about her history with drug use or using illegal drugs in front of me. After we broke up, she constantly told me her depression got worse and that she resented me. I also found out about the news through reports and felt very surprised and sad. However, I've never used drugs and never suggested it. I criticize myself every day as I endure pain and work hard to be able to act and have activities again. I can't even imagine I would think of using drugs, which would make all my hard work become nothing. 

I'll dutifully head to the police station and undergo investigation. I came here with a desperate heart because if I'm found guilty of the suspicions, it'll be unjust for my whole life and not just because I'll have to stop activities as celebrity Park Yoo Chun and retire. I sincerely thank you for coming here and listening to me."

Yoochun did not take any questions from reporters following his statement.

In related reports, police have also stated that though Hwang Hana alleged a celebrity had offered her drugs, no one in connection to her drug use has been found to be a celebrity so far. 

Stay tuned for updates. 

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Semsem828482 pts Wednesday, April 10, 2019 2
Wednesday, April 10, 2019

He looks so tired, the whole statement look logic and you can be sure that he is not the celebrity A, also i respect how he speek respectfully about his Ex and didn't denied her help and standing beside him during his conversy,, i liked his stable statement till the last part the police already report that they start to investigate celebrity A, so why may they will investigate him, so is he celebrity A or not


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Suspiria773,098 pts Wednesday, April 10, 2019 0
Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Hwang hana is obsessed with Yoochun. I knew she would drag him into this shit. I hope people dont believe she was "forced" to use drugs lmao



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