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Shin Ki Hyun personally denies he's the 'actor Shin' in the controversial chatroom


TV personality/singer Shin Ki Hyun denied connections to the controversial chatroom. 

On April 4, SBS '8 O'Clock News' reported that aside from Jung Joon Young's chatroom, there is another celebrity chatroom where hundreds of illegal photos and videos have been shared. The report stated actor Shin and Han, and model Jung were members of the chat. 

Following the report, netizens turned to Shin Ki Hyun and asked if he's the 'actor Shin' mentioned in the news. 

Shin Ki Hyun became a suspect because back in December 2018, he appeared on 'FC Entourage' with the controversial figures Jung Joon Young, Roy Kim, and Eddy Kim

Shin Ki Hyun personally denied the rumors in the comments of his Instagram. To a concerned netizen, Shin Ki Hyun said, "Don't worry. I've never heard about or seen those videos."

One netizen commented, "I hope they reveal their full names so there is no more misunderstanding." Shin Ki Hyun replied, "I know right.. People think it's me because it said Shin. Sigh... save me."

Another netizen criticized the people accusing Shin Ki Hyun. The comment said, "He said it's not him. How are you going to handle (the consequences) when it's proven he's not the one.." Shin Ki Hyun replied, "They're all anonymous accounts anyway.. TT And I understand how they immediately got suspicious of me. I would be too."

This netizen asked how he got close to the controversial figures. Shin Ki Hyun explained, "Seungri =  Audition program 'Battle Shinhwa' about 14 years ago. Jung Joon Young = I was on a variety program 'FC Entourage' with him. The volunteer work photo... I went to volunteer with a kind mind and took the photo but that picture has been spreading. My friends aren't suspicious of me at all because I don't even drink..."

And to the netizen who's still suspicious of Shin Ki Hyun, he replied, "It's not me! good night!"

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Thursday, April 4, 2019

It's scary how hanging out with the certain kind of friends can lead you to be suspected of being doing the same kind of things they do. Like they say Birds of a feather flock together. hence I think it's important to hang out with good people. And maybe being a homebody like Irene and Taeyeon isn't so bad after all. Lol



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Thursday, April 4, 2019



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