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Misheard K-pop Lyrics


There are moments where k-pop singers use English in a way some of us don't understand.. but that's what enhances the humor of the song for all of us international fans.

G.NA- Banana

During the chorus, fans often hear "lipstick chicken butter roll", while actually the real phrase is "Lipseutik jitge bareugo jjalbeun chimareur-ipgo", translated as "Putting on lipstick thickly."

SNSD- Flower Power

"Butterfly pooped a spider, yeah, oh" was a popular phrase fans heard in this song. It's pretty hard to tell the difference, but the real lyrics are actually "butterfly butta spider", translated as "butterfly pretending to be a spider."

Eric Nam ft. Wendy (Red Velvet)- Spring Love

The song is a soothing R and B song which healed hearts until"Sweet cherry blossom, now eat them and choke and die" left fans gasping for air. The real lyrics goes "Sweet cherry blossom, neodo erumyeon jokaeda", which means "sweet cherry blossom, I wish you were like this too."

2NE1- I Love You

The song portrays the soulful and heartbroken feelings of a girl who just broke up. During the bridge, CL said something like "For Dinner we have a bowl of jerky everyday", which was so accurate it left people in tears. The truth is, CL was actually saying "Mujjin nun where bulla jullkae everyday, or "I'll sing for the cool you everyday."

Shinee- Why So Serious?

Instead of hearing "why so serious", some heard buy some cereal! Haha!

(G)-IDLE- Senorita

During the intro, some fans heard "Go days go, we're gonna catch your dad". The original lyrics are actually "Gudaeyo, was gurakay chudabon nayo", which can be translated to "darling, why are you looking at me that way?"


This song is not only known for its intimate dance, but intimate lyrics. The girls repeat" joker, joker" but some English fans hear it as "choke her, choke her." While this, it was under some controversy for also pronouncing it like "jokuh", which can be translated to "big male genitals."


During the intro, Hyolyn says something like "destroy my ass". After looking up the lyrics, they found out she actually meant "please dry my eyes'!

MISS A- Hush

"Baby sitter party!!" was a popular misheard lyrics. In truth, Jia was saying "Bimil Suran Party", which means a party full of secrets.

SNSD- The Boys (Eng. Ver.)

Jessica seemed to say "Wanna know my secrets? F no! I'll never tell." But in reality, she was saying "but" instead of the f-word.

Any funny lyrics I missed? Please comment below!

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"shut up baby, shut up baby..."



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damn you for posting this allkpop... now i'm hearing buy some cereal....



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