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Former labelmate Yoon Ji Oh and actress Goo Hye Sun upload posts concerning the late actress Jang Ja Yeon


Female actresses have taken to Instagram to address the reopened case of the late actress Jang Ja Yeon.

On March 17, actress Yoon Ji Oh, a former labelmate of Jang Ja Yeon and the witness who had revealed more details regarding the actress's death, made a post on Instagram addressing the lack of support in light of recent news.

Despite her recent police attendance where Yoon Ji Oh attempted to testify to Jang Ja Yeon as a victim of sexual abuse, she wrote that not many articles have been reported on the situation. She wrote: 

"I am already sad and despondent that I am always ignored as a 'nobody' in the entertainment world. But, I am the unpopular outcast actress Yoon Ji Oh, who has also been ignored by the journalists.

At this point, I don't even expect an accurate report. Just, please, publish at least one interview article (about this issue). I beg you. 

I also do not expect any support from celebrities. However, would it be so difficult for you to express publicly what an unfortunate situation this can be? You would be scared, but the one who will be ridiculed in the end will be me. Instead of having an unpopular outcast ('a nobody') actress like me do the job, would it be difficult for an influential actor/actress or singer to post on your SNS to ask for help at the Blue House petition? I do know what you are so afraid of. But, all debris will come back to me in the end so, wouldn't you all please help me?

For the first time, I received a supportive DM from a female singer yesterday. I was very moved by that person. I pray that all luck follows you whatever you do."

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듣보잡 배우라 무시 당하고 연예계에서 왕따인것도 슬프고 서러운데 기자분들에게 마저 외면 당해야하는 저는 듣보잡 왕따 배우 윤지오입니다. 정확한 보도는 이제 바라지도 않고 인터뷰한 기사만이라도 좀 올려주세요. 제발 부탁드려요. 연예인분들의 응원은 바라지도 않아요. 이러한 사실이 안타깝다 정도만의 언급도 어려우신걸까요...? 두려우시겠지만 바람 맞는건 저 잖아요. 무명인 듣보잡 배우보다는 영향력있는 배우나 가수분들이 국민청원에 동참해달라는 한마디 말씀 SNS에 기제하는게 그렇게 어렵나요? 무엇이 그렇게 두려운지 알고있지만 모진 풍파는 다 제게로 오니 좀 도와주시면 안될까요? 어제 처음으로 여자 가수한분이 응원한다고 DM받게됬어요. 그분께 정말 큰 감동을 받았습니다. 하시는 일 마다 축복이 따르시길 기도할게요. . . . #웃프다 #왕따 #듣보잡 #배우 #윤지오

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In addition to Yoon Ji Oh's post, actress Goo Hye Sun also took to Instagram and wrote in loving memory of her late colleague. She wrote:

"The unnie who used to fill my hands with hot pack hand warmers. The unnie, with whom I have not been able to take a single photo with, unfortunately. Rest in peace, in heaven. Beautiful person."

Apart from these two actresses, female comedian Shim Jin Hwa has also made a post on Instagram to show support for the Blue House petition. 

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Blueblankety994 pts Sunday, March 17, 2019 0
Sunday, March 17, 2019

This is so heartbreaking, the music industry in the western world isn’t clean but at least celebrities can freely express their feelings in situations like this.

The silence is deafening, I get why but it doesn’t make better.



Guesstar2,442 pts Sunday, March 17, 2019 0
Sunday, March 17, 2019

She will never be forgotten. Justice will find her perpetrators no matter who, where & when.



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