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TVXQ's Yunho reveals how he overcame the trauma following the time an anti-fan poisoned him


TVXQ's Yunho opened up about the trauma he suffered following the poisoned drink incident. 

On the January 23 airing of MBC's 'Radio Star,' Yunho shared, "I suffered from anxiety disorder following the poisoned drink incident in 2006. I couldn't drink orange juice for a while."

He continued, "I got so angry with myself. I believed it's an illness of the mind so I decided to solve the root of the issue. I prepared 10 bottles of orange juice and opened it up. My hands started shaking, but I ignored the shaking and just drank it. I didn't get better right away after drinking it once but I gradually got better. Now I don't have any issues. I can one shot the whole thing after taking the lid off."

For those who don't know about this incident, here is a short recap. A female with the surname Ko was a member of an anti-TVXQ website for 2 years and decided to poison Yunho. After TVXQ released their third Korean album 'O-Jung.Ban.Hap.' in October of 2006, the anti-fan gave Yunho an orange juice drink with super glue mixed in it. After drinking it, he began to vomit and was immediately rushed to the ER; the idol was hospitalized for a few days of treatment. The anti-fan turned herself in and Yunho requested that no charges be pressed against her. Despite this, the shock of the incident did not wear off for quite some time.

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that why at fanmeeting u can see the manager take away the foods giving by the fans to the idols..but those ppl triggered saying that the manager is the bad guy/girl take away the foods lol..



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