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Netizens react to Dispatch's decision not to touch rookies or rising celebrities


Netizens reacted to Dispatch's alleged rule about choosing famous celebrities as potential targets for scandals.

Recently, Dispatch announced that they would prefer not to go after rookies or rising celebrities as potential targets for their scandal reports. The media outlet said, "the celebrities tell us, 'after this article, my CF will be cancelled' or 'I can't make any money after this'. We did not understand at first. How, even though the public may be curious, these celebrities' careers may go down for good. So, we try not to cover rising stars or rookies who may stagger from just a single dating scandal."

In further defense of their stance, Dispatch shared, "We (the journalists) call each other bullfrogs, but we also know that we will lose benefits if we just keep going after anybody and everybody. Would Jo In Sung's CF be cancelled just because his dating scandal with Kim Min Hee came out? Would Won Bin's casting for a film be revoked just because of his scandal with Lee Na Young? These are the reasons why we only go after the big names."

However, netizens were not amused.

Regarding those statements, netizens wrote: "So funny how they get to 'choose' who those rising stars are." "Well, what about Seolhyun? Wasn't she in her prime rising moment when her scandal came out?" "The rising stars that they are referring to = rookies that nobody has even heard of so, they will not bring in any money. LOL they won't cover them due to the lack of profits; meanwhile, they are pretending to care for the celebrities", "what are they even talking about", "Hani, Seolhyun, Jennie -- they were all part of the rising line, no matter who says what, LOL", "Didn't they blow up Baekhyun's incident when he was a rising star? I remember he received a lot of damage from that."

What do you think of Dispatch's alleged stance and the netizens' reactions?

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KRGolden70012 pts Sunday, January 20, 2019 5
Sunday, January 20, 2019

knetizens try to blame dispatch again? mmm... Trying to blame Dispatch will not solve the problem. Dispatch is just an informative source/Tabloid/reliable source for news, nothing more. The only ones that have to change here are the possessive and jealous fans, they forget that their idols are human beings who have every right to fall in love freely without having to hide as if they had committed a crime. Being in love and expressing it publicly with freedom and respect is not a crime. My point of view if those immature possessive and jealous fans changed their bad attitude and decided to be more mature still SUPPORTING their idols even though they are dating someone, things will be good, their idols will not lose their jobs (cfs, etc) nor the rise in their careers because they would still be counting on the support of their fans.


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jigsawpuzzle4885 pts Saturday, January 19, 2019 4
Saturday, January 19, 2019

It's too bad that the word scandal has to be associated with something as lovely as dating. Sure, being in the eye of the media is part of the job description every artists is aware of when they roll into the industry, but to regard finding love as scandalous makes me so sad.

Dispatch and the likes of them are terrible for infringing on their privacy and stalking them around, but the sad reality is that these people are just doing their job and they get paid good money for whatever they discover. There wouldn't be any issues with it if it weren't for the risk of damaging careers due to the obsessive nature of netizens who believe that they own the person just because they supported their career. Selfish people who don't want their idols to date because, why exactly? It will shatter their hopes of their precious oppa one day falling in love with them and whisking them away like some sort of Korean drama?

The fact that Dispatch pretty much has a say in who they believe is at risk or not with releasing scandals is preposterous, any artist is at risk as long as the news is considered a scandal because a scandal can't be anything other than negative. If it was positive, it would've just been called news.

I, for one, would be happy to hear any of my biases found someone they love and feel connected with. Heck, even if they aren't my bias, if any artist who works their ass off for their fans manages to find someone they cherish I'd be rooting for their happiness. Whether they want to share it with the world or keep something so precious to themselves is their choice and people - fans, netizens and Dispatch - should respect that. But unfortunately, that's not how that industry works...


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