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Netizens are asking Seungri to take responsibility for 'Burning Sun' scandal + boycotting Seungri-related activities


Netizens are asking Seungri to take responsibility for the 'Burning Sun' allegations.  

According to a report published by Sports Kyunghyang, many think its highly likely that Seungri can't escape legal responsibility for the ongoing scandal.  With both sides arguments in conflict, the public needs clarification as to what's going on. 'Burning Sun' officials and Kim Mo as well as the police have made their statements but Seungri has yet to release an official statement so far. 

The controversy is reaching a fever pitch especially with reports coming out that Seungri was supposedly at the club on the same day the assault happened as evident by Girl's Generation's Hyo-yeon's post with Seungri on Instagram on November 24th. 

Netizens are demanding clarification from Seungri on his whereabouts on that date pointing out that he has a moral and legal responsibility as an employer in this situation. 

Yoo Seung-woo, a lawyer said, "If employees commit an assault while at work and act in accordance with the regulations and guidelines of the business, then the business owner could be criminally responsible as an aide or teacher." Even if this is not proven, there is a civil liability for this illegal act."

With regard to this situation YG Entertainment has said "We will not be issuing an official statement."

Many netizens are planning on boycotting all Seungri-related activities until these allegations are thoroughly investigated. 

Stay tuned for more details. 

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GramStan1,856 pts Tuesday, January 29, 2019 4
Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Still with the 'Seungri was there on the night' thing Allkpop? Seungri went to Hyoyeon's show which was on the 23rd of November not the 24th. This is all very easily confirmable if you were capable of doing your job properly. It's all over twitter. There's also new CCTV footage showing Mr K clearly attacking a police officer. Do your job properly and stop spreading stupid and false rumours.


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kpoplovermay777 pts Tuesday, January 29, 2019 3
Tuesday, January 29, 2019

you know what happened is horrifying, and if what has been reported really did happen and the poor woman was assaulted, i hope justice wins and the evil people pay, ( and that includes seungri if he had anything to do with any of it) but like i cant be the only one thinking the timing of all this is just to perfect... like seungri was calling out yg for mistreatment and fans were behind him and putting the heat on yg... but then this news just comes out ... and now fans have done a 180turn and are now boycotting seungri .....a coincidence...idk......


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