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Former BP RaNia member Alexandra defends BTS on the recent controversies

BP RaNia
Former BP RaNia member Alexandrashared her thoughts on the recent controversies involving BTS.

On November 13, Alexandra shared a series of tweets defending BTS on the controversy surroundingallegedNazi symbolismin a2015 photo shoot, and thecontroversial liberation shirt.

She stated,

"To try to give some perspective-while living in Korea, I saw clothes with APPALLING statements & symbols & even asked people- oh my gosh do you know what that means? The answer was always an honest "no" and they looked BAFFLED and HUMILIATED when I explained.

I'm seeing a lot of comments saying they can't accept that such a widely known symbol was a mistake- but trust me... with the things I saw... it makes sense. And the apology accepting full responsibility is everything. It's the only way to erase ignorance and heal the world.

Idols don't have control at the end of the day but they still take the heat when something awful happens. I trust if anyone there had known, they would have spoken up because their message is and always has been LOVE and ACCEPTANCE. Thanks for the apology."

Meanwhile, Big Hit Entertainmenthas issued an official apology on the issues.
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Mkm1,032 pts Tuesday, November 13, 2018 6
Tuesday, November 13, 2018

exactly, what everyone should know that korea don't really have the knowledge on most of the things,(yea u will say but all the world knows about these stuff) but not korea most people don't care to know or wide their knowledge.

so before bashing anyone and thinking they are racist or anything, think that maybe they don't have the knowledge, you are a fan of korean artist but u don't know that? and don't think just because are a fan of korean idols or celebs that you own the korean community fandom or whatever, we are just international fans, you can drop and leave kpop fandom if you will pick on everything they do because the lack of knowledge and think they are racist before knowing if they actually do it on purpose or not (<-thats not about the bts issue only, other issues in general)


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Fritzb591 pts Tuesday, November 13, 2018 1
Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Things like this are bound to happen. Different cultures have different sensibilities and are often completely unaware of these things. There are plenty of symbols that others find offensive, that are not in their home countries. The swastika is a prime example. In the West, the swastika is universally associated with the Nazis, but in Asia, it is a religious symbol of prosperity and good luck, dating back thousands of years.

There are hand gestures that are innocent in one culture, but offensive in others.

How many people have seen someone wear a Che Guevara t-shirt? Do they know that Che Guevara was a murderous sociopath, who killed countless men, women, and children? I rather doubt it.

Most people in my country would not recognize the "Rising Sun" Imperial Japanese Flag, nor have any idea why it would be considered offensive to Koreans. It's just ignorance, not malice.


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