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Big Hit Entertainment apologizes for recent controversies involving BTS

Big Hit Entertainment apologized for the recent controversies involving BTS.

BTS were at the center of controversy surrounding alleged Nazi symbolism in a 2015 photo shoot as well as a controversial shirt, and their agency Big Hit Entertainment now released an official statement and an apology regarding the issues. 

The label's full statement is as follows:

"Hello, this is Big Hit Entertainment.

Recently, various issues concerning our company's artist BTS have come up. Big Hit's stance on these issues is as follows.

1. On what we've investigated regarding these recent issues are as follows:
- The issue of our artist wearing an outfit with the image of an atomic bomb
- The issue of an artist wearing a hat with a Nazi symbol on it during a magazine photo shoot in Korea
- The issue of an artist being said to have been associated with a flag with a symbol reminiscent of Nazis 

2. Big Hit's official position on the above issues are:
- We'd like to clarify that all Big Hit staff and artists, including BTS, do not regard war or atomic bombs lightly. We're against these things, and we have no intention to hurt those who were victims of the atomic bombs. We will continue not to have any such intention.
- We'd also like to clarify that all Big Hit staff and artists, including BTS, do not regard Nazis lightly nor any other group that promotes ideals or totalitarianism or extremism. We oppose these things, we have no intention to hurt those who were affected by the history of groups like this, and we will continue not have any such intention. 

3. We'd like to apologize for the issues mentioned above.
- With regards to the clothing with the image of the atomic bomb, we had no such intentions. Though the clothing was not intended to be hurtful to those who were victims of the atomic bomb, those involved did not do appropriate research beforehand the artists did wear the clothing, which was unintentionally hurtful to victims of the atomic bomb. For this and to those who were uncomfortable with the imagery, we sincerely apologize. 
- In regards to the past photo shoot where an artist wore a hat bearing a Nazi symbol. We had no such intentions. On that day, all of the clothes and accessories were provided by the media company, and those involved did not do appropriate research beforehand. The artist did wear the clothing item, which was unintentionally hurtful to those affected by the Nazis of the past. For this and to those who were uncomfortable seeing imagery related to Nazis, we sincerely apologize. 
- However, the fault of the above issues lie with the artists' company Big Hit, which did not do its due diligence. We'd like to clearly emphasize that the company's artists have no responsibility or relation to the above issues. 

4. We'd like to offer the following explanation with regards to the issue of the past concert performance.
- The concert, which was legendary artist Seo Taiji's 2017 anniversary concert, included a scene as part of the stage 'Classroom Idea', which includes the social message criticizing the uniform education system. 
- The flag and image are creative artwork totally unrelated to Nazis, and the performance was meant to 'criticize a uniform and totalitarian education system.'
- The idea that this performance was in any part meant to replicate Nazism is completely untrue, and to the contrary, should be considered to include creative elements meant to criticize exactly that kind of totalitarianism. 

5. Big Hit will do our best to improve following these issues.
- The reason for Big Hit's existence is 'to provide comfort to and move people all around the world through music and artists.' Additionally, we live in an age of diversity and tolerance, there are many things that must be taken into consideration. This is a challenging task for us as well, but we are doing our best to implement it.
- In the future, with a foothold not only in these issues, but to further understand various social, historical, and cultural backgrounds, Big Hit and our company artists will look carefully into even the most detailed aspects of our activities and be more cautious so as to avoid causing hurt to anyone.
- Once more, we would like to sincerely apologize to those who were hurt as a result of Big Hit's failure to look carefully into these issues. 

6. In order to resolve these problems, Big Hit will take the following actions.
- Big Hit will contact the Japanese and Korean Associations for Atomic Bomb Victims in order to explain and apologize for the hurt caused by these issues.
- Big Hit will reach out to the Simon Wiesenthal Center, which first raised this issue, and offer a letter of apology to those who were hurt by these issues."

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Fan_from_India525 pts Tuesday, November 13, 2018 0
Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Big Hit addressed the controversies to the point. Their response was both graceful and valid. I hope those who were "actually" disturbed will feel much better and move on.

And those who were enjoying BTS go through negative criticism.....God Bless You

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CandaceNicole77-1 pt Tuesday, November 13, 2018 6
Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Calling it a recent incident is misleading. They're old stories. Re-surfaced for the purpose of a right wing extremists political agenda is more accurate.

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