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Posted by elliefilet AKP STAFF Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Ryu Philip sheds tears about his sister's past trauma on 'Mr. House Husband'


Ryu Philip shed tears as he heard about his sister's traumatic past on the June 6th episode of 'Mr. House Husband'.


After finding out about his sister Suzy's sudden marriage, Ryu Philip expressed he was angry and upset his sister seemed to be taking it lightly as she was marrying someone she'd only been dating for 27 days. She responded, "I'm happy, so why do you look like you're going to cry. It's not like you told me when you signed your marriage papers. I know what you're worried about, but I'll act like your older sister now."

Philip, his wife Mina, mother, and older sister then got together for a meal, and the two siblings began talking about their life in America with their father and step mother. Suzy shared, "I said I wanted to go to America, so our Dad told me to come with Philip. I didn't know that I was dragging him to hell. I went because of my selfishness, but I only made my little brother suffer. After that, I ran away, and I always felt bad." 

She continued, "My friend came to the front of the house, so our step mom slapped me in the face. At that time, dad was just smoking in the car. Things like that happened. That's why I ran away. Afterwards, I worked part-time at a donut shop, and whenever I pass by a donut shop now, I get goosebumps. I hate the smell of flour. It was my fault though. If I had only told Mom everything sooner," revealing she ended up working at the shop for 4 years. 

Their mom shared, "One day, Suzy called me. She said she had no money to buy menstrual pads. That's why I told her to come to South Korea right away. I saw her at the airport and all the weight she gained, and I can't forget how I felt. Suzy's gotten a lot better now. I never should've sent my kids to America. I regret it a lot." 

Afterwards, Philip spoke with his brother-in-law over the phone, saying, "Please love my noona a lot, and take care of her."

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