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Posted by yckim124 AKP STAFF Monday, January 1, 2018

Staff Picks: Our Favorite MVs of 2017


After choosing our favorite MVs in the first half of 2017, the staff members at allkpop went on to choose the best music videos in all of 2017! The year was a blur with all the dating scandals, debuts, and more - but the crazy (good) music releases are what always has the K-Pop fans coming back for more.

Check out the staff picks for the best MVs of 2017.

Paul: "Power" by EXO

There were a lot of great MV's in 2017 but "Power" was my favorite. Although I'm not a huge fan of the song, I have different criteria for music videos as I'm more interested in the cinematography aspects. The MV captures your attention with its fast pacing and the color grading is excellent. The transitions and special effects are cool and there are a lot of interesting camera angles and shots here. The superhero and comic style theme is also different from what you normally see in K-pop, I like how there was a lot of thought put into it.

LorraineYe: "I Wander" by HA:TFELT

After having the opportunity to personally interview HA:TFELT aka Yenny for allkpop, I definitely came to understand her latest comeback intimately! With her explanations and inspiration extremely clear, I found that the artistic direction for her MV "I Wander" is one of my favorites of this year. From the uncharacteristic German spoken to the different types of women Yenny plays, she uses creative direction to explain her innermost turmoils. The song is a true artistic expression of her feelings! I think "I Wander" is a hugely underrated track with an even more underrated MV.

LeJulie: "Far Away" by Epik High

Without a doubt, the first MV I thought of was Epik High's "Home is Far Away" featuring Oh Hyuk that shares a nostalgic feeling of missing something that's out of your reach. The beautiful cinematography and nighttime visual of South Korea matches the bitterness of not achieving a dream once had and the desperation to be home. Not only do we get to see an incredibly vulnerable side of Epik High and Oh Hyuk we also get the exact visuals of their emotions through the different scenes for each person. TLDR: This MV is BEAUTIFUL and creates a sense of longing. 

beansss: "Black Suit" by Super Junior

Most of the time, I personally do not prefer dramatized MVs because they seem to distract me from the song rather than enhance the song's attributes. One group I never have to worry about in that regard is Super Junior! Because their MVs are always either the simpler kind consisting of choreography and minimal effects, or the overly-exaggerated and satirical kind which are spot on in bringing out Super Junior's signature vibe and energy. This "Black Suit" MV is so lively and light and full of confetti, with each of the members playing the perfect roles for their individual personalities. Basically, it was a very appropriate Super Junior-style MV they could've comeback with after such a long time, without trying to be trendy and hip like other hoobae idol groups these days.

Jenny: "Whisper" by VIXX LR

VIXX LR plays with quite a fine line between homosexuality (dare I say... queerbaiting) and multiple personalities. They did the same during their unit debut MV "Beautiful Liar", but it's a little more obvious during "Whisper". The boys are literally destined to each other, and the only way they kind of get away with it is that instead of the red string tied on their pinkies, it's tied to their shoes. Nonetheless, it's nice to see someone so mainstream dabble into relationships that hint strongly at anything homosexual in K-pop. They play with reds (for Ravi) and blues (for Leo) well and the two opposites come together beautifully in the MV.

KpopJoA: "MIC Drop" (Steve Aoki Remix) by BTS 

2017 was clearly the year of BTS as they received global recognition with 'Love Yourself: Her'.  All the blood, sweat and tears have paid off in the end. The boys' latest collab with Steve Aoki is lit! I knew "MIC Drop" was going to be a big hit, but Steve Aoki's remix made it even better. Add to that the flawless visual effects and smooth camera/lighting work; it's pure gold. The opening shot of the disc jockey master, Steve Aoki, making his grand entrance was indeed empowering. In addition to the scene where he is 'looming' in the background, while the boys dance energetically making quite a presence. The English lyrics were also an unexpected twist meant for the international fans, which made it even more memorable. The wardrobe was on point emitting a hip, old-school/street style vibe. RM jumping out of the ambulance sporting a new hairdo was a jaw-dropping moment. Filled with fiery explosions, sick slow-motion effects, intense choreography, plus catchy lyrics/beat, the Bangtan boys never cease to amaze their ARMY. That mic drop at the end though was dope!

Cara: "MIC Drop" (Steve Aoki Remix) by BTS 

I also pick "MIC Drop" by BTS and Steve Aoki as the best MV because this collaboration truly blew my mind. I already really liked the original version of this song but it got even better when they added a flavor EDM, and not just by any DJ but by my fav Aoki! And the choreography is just amazing. (gif above = my fav part) The moment the track starts with j-hope's cool foot rub thing on the floor, I was already like 'WOAH'. This collaboration is idol hip-hop done right, and I love it. And overall, these boys are just so hot. Like V.. Jungkook.. j-hope.. please, just let me just call you oppa...♡ 

Matt: "Jasmine" by DPR Live 

This is my favorite MV this year, not just second half of 2017. "Jasmine" MV was directed by another member of DPR, Christian Yu. When it first came out back in October, I watched the video over and over again because I was just so impressed at the shots, the angles, and the effort it must've taken to film this video. What's more, it felt as if each moment in the MV took the sound and lyrics of the track itself into consideration. For example, the detailed transition from 1:52 to 1:55 is amazing to see – the momentary pause in the song and the setting change in the video. Many K-pop fans are probably not too familiar with DPR LIVE as he is not really considered a "K-pop idol". However, give this artist and the MV a chance, you won't be disappointed.

elliefilet: "Gashina" by Sunmi

What stood out most to me is that Sunmi carries the music video. The scene transitions were beautifully done along with the visuals as a whole, but without Sunmi's strange appeal, the MV wouldn't have been as impressive. The "Gashina" MV is good because it highlights what's specific to Sunmi as a performer, and it's obvious the creators made the effort to cater to her charm. 

Patrick (Guest User Contributor): "Peek-A-Boo" by Red Velvet

Who doesn't love it when SM Entertainment goes absolutely crazy with art direction? You could write essays about what all sorts of details in this video mean. It makes me a little uncomfortable, and I like that.

Eric: "Dinosaur" By Akdong Musician

Consistently delighting me with ever more impressive MVs, they really outdid themselves with this one. The setup is that Chanhyuk has seen a dinosaur, and he tells Suhyun about it. The two set out to catch a glimpse of this magnificent phenomenon. The innocence these siblings bring to their outings is refreshing, particularly in this age where the sexy video is the default. The effects here are first-rate and do a lot to transport you to their world of bouncing blobs and elusive elephantine dinos. A fantastic job. 

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