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Posted by Lorr-Ye Wednesday, October 18, 2017

[INTERVIEW] HA:TFELT On Her Comeback, Music Videos, Germany, and More!


Park Yeeun (Yenny) is best known for once being a member of the legendary group, Wonder Girls, however, she is back to stand her own, once again, as the solo artist: HA:TFELT. This talented singer, model, lyricist, and composer's latest solo release, "MEiNE" features HA:TFELT's title track, "I Wander" and the album is meant to symbolize her personal musical path and story. With an intoxicating melody and delicate lyricism, "I Wander" is proving to be a smash hit!

Along with the release of "I Wander", "MEiNE" also features a track with PUNCHNELLO entitled, "Read Me". HA:TFELT stuns fans again and again with her beautifully airy vocals and elegant mastery of good musical composition. The videos for both videos are filmed in Germany and are narrated accordingly- a fascinating artistic direction taken!

To learn more about HA:TFELT's latest release, we talked to Park Yeeun herself to get a closer look into the thought-process and making of "MEiNE".

ALLKPOP: The anticipation to your comeback was followed very closely by many because this will be your first solo endeavor since the disbandment of Wonder Girls and your move from JYP to Amoeba Culture! Can you explain a bit about what fans can expect from MEiNE?

HA:TFELT: "MEiNE" is a German word which translates to "My, Mine". The reason why I chose this name for the album is because I believe the album represents who I am now. The two songs, 'I Wander' and 'Read Me' are very dear to my heart and not only represent my current situation as an artist, but also disclose my life story—which I would love for anyone going through a difficult time to relate to and find consolation from. 

ALLKPOP: We noticed a heavy German influence on this comeback and on many of the teaser videos! What inspired you to choose German as the main concept language? How was exploring Germany?

HA:TFELT: The tracks are very personal— based on my life story, and plainly, deep—during production, we thought it would be good to balance them with a location that was also unique, distant, and not related to me. Having never been to Germany and loving the film, "The Reader," which also takes place in Germany, I thought it was the perfect place. And it was! Germany with it's cool, chiaroscuro tones, and mellow and serene vibes fit the album's concept and I absolutely loved it.

ALLKPOP: Your title track, 'I Wander', features Gaeko from Dynamic Duo, tell us a little about the song-writing process with him! 

HA:TFELT: He's absolutely amazing and it's such an honor to work with him. He first made 'I Wander' when I had just entered Amoeba Culture and it felt like his own handmade gift to me. When I first heard the track, I burst into tears. We talked a lot about the second verse to make it more relatable to my current situation. He truly understands and fully supports the direction I want to go with my music.

ALLKPOP: The video teaser for 'I Wander' features many different images of unique types of women and you. Could you explain a bit more about the idea behind the concept videos and the music video for the song as well?

HA:TFELT: 'I Wander' is essentially about starting a new life. A new life could mean let's say—a new challenge, a new direction, etc.— a variety of situations, which I wanted to represent and dedicate to. For example, the supermarket woman is actually unemployed and calls her friends, but everyone is busy. The bicycle woman just got into college and is very excited; she just bought a new bicycle and isn't used to it yet. The drunken woman just broke up with her boyfriend and bought a new pair of shoes; although she tries to meet a new guy, it's not that easy. The main storyline also follows the trek of an old man who lost his dear wife, who also needs to move on and start with his new life. 

ALLKPOP: Your second track, 'Read Me' features PUNCHNELLO, how did you two meet and get to collaborating on that track? What was the inspiration behind the song? 
HA:TFELT: When I watched Show Me The Money 6, I thought PUNCHNELLO had his own style and I loved his lyrics; hence, I asked him if we could collaborate on 'Read Me.' I wrote 'Read Me' because at the moment, there was someone I had feelings for and wanted to explain myself to... yet, I couldn't bring myself to because then I would have had to talk about my entire life. I never had the chance to explain myself so I decided to write a song about it. 

ALLKPOP: The video is stunning for Read Me and it almost seems like the two singles have videos that are related. Could you talk a little bit about the two videos in conjunction with each other?

HA:TFELT: The music video for 'Read Me' reveals why the old man is wandering outside madly in 'I Wander'.With the video for 'Read Me', I wanted to show how beautiful it is to have someone who loves you for who you are and accepts you entirely—which relates to the song's lyrics of exposing oneself, one's life story, to someone you really like. With I Wander's music video, I wanted to show how painful it is to lose someone you truly love and move on, as heartbreaking as it is, but, that it's okay to wander or struggle with a new life, new shoes—because that's how you eventually heal and grow.

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