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Momoland JooE's close friends claim JooE is actually the victim of school bullying

Friends of JooE are defending the idol from school bullying rumors. 

Recently, JooE's longtime friend identified as 'L' responded to the rumors via social media and stated, "I just watched because it was such nonsense but I'm posting this now because things have gotten out of hand."


'L' is a close friend of JooE who has known her since middle school. 'L' claims she still keeps in contact with JooE. She stated, "I don't understand how that friend 'A' (the alleged victim of JooE's school bullying) is claiming she was bullied. 'A' was actually the student who was frequently punished for her bullying acts."

'L' claims she, too, is a victim of 'A's bullying. 'L' explained, "'A' will often spit rude remarks such as 'Why do you look like that?', 'How can you walk around with face like that?'" 'L' also claims that 'A' sexually harassed her by undoing her bra and making fun of her physical characteristics. 

Another friend, a male friend of JooE identified as 'C', supported 'L's claims and stated, "Everything 'L' said is true. JooE is a very nice friend." 'C' also claims that 'A' was actually the one in the 'bullying crew', not JooE. 

Meanwhile, Momoland's agency has warned strong legal action against the baseless rumors about JooE school bullying and emphasized the rumors are completely false. 

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