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Posted by Lorr-Ye Monday, December 11, 2017

The Best 'Idols Reacting To Other Idols' Moments

1. G-Friend reacting to
During '2016 MAMA', nearly all the members of the girl group, G-Friend, can be seen dancing to TWICE's "TT" while it's happening live on-stage. G-Friend's Eunha even emulated fans when she put on a disappointed pout when they cut off Sana's part! Even idols are as obsessed with Sana as we are!
2. Bomi reacting to Cosmic Girls'
Bomi reacted like a proud mama on 'Weekly Idol' when girl group, Cosmic Girls, covered A Pink's "Mr. Chu" dance during their random dance challenge. Bomi's reactions were so pure that the entire dynamic between Cosmic Girls and her are absolutely adorable! Cosmic Girls proceeded to make her laugh even more with their powerful dance cover of SHINee's "View".
3. BTS/Red Velvet/Seungri/Daesung react to MAMAMOO
At 'Gayo Daejun', members of BTS were seated next to Seungri and Daesung of Big Bang. Because BTS are known to be huge Big Bang fans, they were noticeably shook when their idols were in such close proximity to them. Moreover, when MAMAMOO began their performance they said, "Welcome, first time with MAMAMOO?", causing Wendy to explain the reference to Irene, as well as more 'shookness' from BTS. A confused Daesung and Seungri clapping along just put the cherry on top of the entire interaction together.
4. GOT7, Seventeen, NCT react to j-hope's SHHH!
In BTS' "Blood, Sweat, & Tears", j-hope has a dramatic "SHH!" that punctuates the lyrics in the track. Every idol shows their knowledge of the line in this particular video of GOT7, Seventeen, and NCT reacting to BTS' live performance at '2016 MAMA'. Though out of all the groups in the video, GOT7's Jackson and BamBam take the cake as most zealous ARMY.
5. G-Dragon reacting to Seungri's reaction to
During the live performance of "Troublemaker" at '2013 MAMA', the appearance of a gun shocked Big Bang's Seungri. Just his luck, the camera happened to pan to him for a reaction shot and it just so happened to capture a look of absolute innocent bewilderment, much to G-Dragon's pleasure. This double reaction chain is one of our favorite 'idols reacting to other idols' moments!
6. Suho reacting to Red Velvet
In this compilation, we see Suho (who is quite possibly the world's largest RV stan), showing his passion for the group over and over during their "Russian Roulette" promotions. He knew all the moves to the entire song and it almost seems as if he's trying to hold himself back from dancing! Dance, Suho! Be proud!
7. Girls' Generation reacting to
At the '3rd Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards', the members of Girls' Generation showed their love for the song "Bar Bar Bar" by passionately dancing along to the entire song! The girls showed their dorky side pridefully and the entire video of the performance and GG's reaction is noteworthy!
8. Chanyeol reacting to Lay
Park Chanyeol of EXO is known as the reaction king. He's never able to hold back his facial expressions and his body from moving along with the track, and he even went as a far as to record a video of himself seeing Lay's MV for the first time! His "Oooh's, and Wow's" make us laugh the entire video. He truly is K-Pop's biggest fanboy, both literally and figuratively!
9. SHINee reacting to BTS'
We think the highlight of this reaction comes down to two members: SHINee's Jonghyun and Key. Key represents all ARMY through his passionate singing and dancing along through the entire track, but Jonghyun represents how absolutely shook we were when Jimin took off his jacket! Back then, SHINee and BTS weren't close, but now they are! This video is testament to the beginning of Jimin and Taemin's friendship!
10. Yoseob reacting to IU
This video reaction is an oldie, but a goodie! Yoseob's unadulterated fanboying of IU is hilarious and relatable. Even though this is an awkward stage for both of them, Yoseob proves he can relate to fans very deeply through his obsession with IU. His dancing and singing paired with the humongous hearts in his eyes are hilarious and fun to watch!
11. IOI reacting to MOBB
Choi Yoojung is quite possibly one of the most legit K-Pop idols to date with her unbridled passion for music! Though poor Yoojung had an eye infection, she still managed to stay upbeat and peppy with her powerful rapping to MOBB's song "Hit Me". BTS reacted to her reaction as well, laughing along with her raps!
12. IOI & WJSN reacting to Zico
Though both groups are dressed to the nines in beautiful outfits, none of the members hesitate to turn up to Zico's "Okey Dokey"! Zico's popularity is no joke, as it seems at least 80% of the girls are die-hard fans who know all the words to his songs! The fan chant is one of the loudest we've heard!
13. Papa YG reacting to Seungri falling on heelies
Quite possibly one of the most iconic reaction videos to date: Papa YG aka Yang Hyun Suk reacting to Big Bang's Seungri falling while performing on stage is absolutely ridiculous. Because Seungri had to wear heelies around while performing, it was easy for him to slip and fall, and that's exactly what he did. YG couldn't hold back his laugh and eventually, Seungri couldn't either! Let's just say, we can't hold back our laughter on this one either.
14. EXO, Wanna One, and G-Friend reacting to TWICE's 'Likey'
This was was a recent one as it only occurred a week ago at the MelOn Music Awards. There are some cute reactions here but just look at that Dab synchronization to Dahyun's rap part!

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