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Posted by LorraineYe AKP STAFF Sunday, November 5, 2017

Your 2017 ALLKPOP Idol Class Superlatives!

1. Class Clown goes to...
The class clown is a student who frequently pokes fun at people and is constantly making jokes and attracting everyone's attention in school with their upbeat and funny personality!

Our winner for class clown this year is Jackson Wang from GOT7!
2. Friendliest goes to...
The friendliest superlative goes to the person with the most approachable and humble personality! This person cares for others and is a warm and gracious person to everyone they meet.

Our friendliest idol of 2017 is Amber Liu from f(x)!
3. Most Athletic goes to...
The superlative for Most Athletic goes to the person who has the best athletic ability. Whether it's on land or by sea, the winner of this superlative demonstrates iron endurance and discipline!

Our winner of the most athletic idol of 2017 is Jackson Wang of GOT7! He's quite a popular idol this year, sweeping up not only most athletic but also the class clown!
4. Most Likely To Succeed goes to...
Most Likely To Succeed winners are the smartest of the bunch with the most innovative and forward-thinking minds. Those who receive this superlative have a bright future ahead of them!

The idol voted most likely to succeed this year is Kim Namjoon of BTS!
5. Most Likely to Dance in a Beyonce Music Video goes to...
The lucky and talented dancer who wins Most Likely to Dance in a Beyonce Music Video is the best mover in the group! With fluid dance skills and a killer attitude, vote for the dancer you think has it all!

The idol most likely to dance in a Beyonce MV is Park Jimin of BTS! The boys of BTS have had an amazing 2017, so it is no surprise they've placed at the top of the superlatives list this year too!
6. Quietest goes to...
An introvert is often a shy person who prefers being alone or with people feel comfortable with. They also often have a harder time being around new people and are not extremely talkative unless they are with those that are close to them. The winner of the Quietest superlative will be the most soft-spoken idol!

The winner of the quietest idol of 2017 goes to D.O Kyungsoo of EXO!
7. Most Likely To Win Chopped goes to...
This category is for the idol that can cook the best! The most drool-inducing chef will win the crown of Most Likely to Win Chopped!

The idol most likely to win Chopped this year goes to Jin of BTS! Pictured above is him and his lifelong partner, meat!
8. Most Talkative goes to...
Quite the opposite from those that win the Quietest superlative. Receivers of the Most Talkative award are chatterboxes that never stop moving their mouths! We love these loud and proud idols more than anything!

Though it was a narrow contest between two idols, Jung Hoseok aka J-Hope of BTS came out with a 4% lead as your Most Talkative idol of 2017!
9. Best Hair goes to...
The Best Hair superlative goes to the person with the most awesome hairdos at all times! No matter what, this person has their hair perfectly colored, cut, and styled and the hair serves as an accessory to their overall look!

It seems that the best hair award will forever to belong to this idol! G-Dragon of Big Bang is your best hair winner of 2017!
10. Best Dressed goes to...
With a keen eye for fashion, Best Dressed idol nominees all exhibit a spectacular and unique sense of style. These idols all push the envelope for what's normal in fashion and continue to do so!

Your best-dressed idol of 2017 is G-Dragon of Big Bang in a LANDSLIDE vote! G-Dragon beat out all his competitors, despite going up against artists like CL, HyunA, and more!
11. Most Likely To Win 'The Voice' goes to...
The vocalist is a powerhouse who demands attention every time they go on-stage! Most Likely to Win 'The Voice' is the person who wows the audience every time with their incredible singing skills!

The idol most likely to win the voice with the strength of their vocals alone goes to Kim Taeyeon of Girls' Generation!
12. Best Smile goes to...
This goes to the sweetest smile of them all! There are a lot of visuals in K-Pop, but only one can take the title of Best Smile.

A tight race between three contenders, the idol that emerged with the best pearly whites took the title of best smile. That person is YoonA of Girls' Generation!
13. Best Laugh goes to...
Best Laugh will go to the person who is constantly seen brightening the room up with their gut-busting laughter! Their infectious joy will be the reason why they win this superlative!

The idol that has earned their title of best laugh this year is Choi Youngjae of GOT7! We can almost hear his laugh just from seeing his face!
14. Most Changed Since Freshman Year goes to...
Those who are nominated for Most Changed Since Freshman Year have done a complete 180 since the start of their debut. With a whole new aesthetic and look, these idols prove that though they seemed like just another idol at debut, they are truly forces to be reckoned with!

Our winner for most changed since freshman year goes to Jungkook of BTS! The golden maknae has definitely grown up since debut!
15. Congratulations to the idol class of 2017!
Congrats to all the winners and thank YOU for voting in this year's 2017 ALLKPOP Idol Class Superlatives!

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