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Netizens are not happy with Yang Hyun Suk's rudeness to a trainee

By mkim93   Sunday, November 5, 2017   107,360   7,315   938



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On this week's episode of 'Mix Nine', Yang Hyun Suk continued to dish out his strong criticisms. However, one moment caught the eyes of the viewers.

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Yang Hyun Suk and Zion.T visited one agency called the Mole Entertainment where he was met with both trainees and former idols. After the group performance, each person stood before the two judges. It was revealed that Lee Sori, one of the contestants, debuted under a group called CocoSori but did not see much success.

Yang Hyun Suk said, "You're kind of old. 28 years old. In terms of idols, it's an age where you should retire." The taken back contestant replied, "Is it? It's just the beginning for me." Yang Hyun Suk then asked what she has been doing up to now. Lee Sori answered, "I've been a trainee but there were many instances when the team fell apart and after experiencing all that, I finally made my debut last year under a group called CocoSori.

However, Yang Hyun Suk continued to pressure her and asked, "It failed, right? I'm being really straightforward." When Lee Sori tried to explain the group released a second single, the founder of YG Entertainment interrupted and said, "Either way, your first one failed." She admitted it and said, "I did CocoSori, and did the Real Girl Project through the drama." He responded by saying, "Nothing is working out, but you're doing a lot of things." Lee Sori tried to stay positive by saying, "But I'm doing them while enjoying myself." But once again, Yang Hyun Suk had the last word as he said, "I don't think you're in a situation to be enjoying yourself."

After seeing this, netizens took to social media accounts to criticize Yang Hyun Suk's attitude and the way he spoke to the trainee but also to show support to the trainee, "Is Yang Hyun Suk even human? look how he's talking", "Crazy, it hurts my heart seeing her mentality crumbling", "This girl said its just her beginning. This girl probably spent her youth in a practice room, she shouldn't be judged by someone who didn't even put the same level of effort", "Her last expression where she almost broke down makes me feel sad", "Yang Hyun Suk, aren't you going to retire?", and much more.

When it came to making a decision at the end, Yang Hyun Suk stepped away from the desk after saying the participant who passed in under the photo card. However, when they lifted the car, there were no names to signal none had passed. As the trainees comforted each other in disappointment, Yang Hyun Suk revealed a twist and said, "After much discussion, we decided that the list wasn't to reveal those who passed but rather failed. We will be taking all four of you," which shocked everyone.

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