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Posted by eric_r_wirsing AKP STAFF Thursday, November 2, 2017

[Drama Review] 'While You Were Sleeping' – Episodes 21 & 22

Suzy, Lee Jong Suk

A professor, Moon Tae Min, asks Yoo Bum for protection -- he strangled a student, and then made it look like the student drunkenly stumbled into an elevator shaft. Jae Chan goes to the hospital and confronts the little boy (Chan Ho) who questioned his identity when he was recovering. The kid collapses and the staff get him to emergency dialysis. The doctors tell Jae Chan and Hong Joo that a transplant is desperately needed. The professor visits his victim in the hospital. Jae Chan recovers from his wound at Hong Joo's house, and he has jealous daydreams of her and Woo Tak. Chan Ho's mother gets news of a potential brain-dead donor -- the student. Woo Tak and Hong Joo have dreams about Jae Chan's current case. In each dream, Jae Chan faces a moral dilemma and leaves his job because of it. Hong Joo tries to get Jae Chan to skip work and hopefully change the future. Yoo Bum reassures Tae Min that the victim is now an organ donor and no autopsy can be done.

Jae Chan tries to play hookey and go to the beach, but his work ethic interferes. Tae Min finds the owner of a child's hat. The child saw him murder the student. The kid tries to run, and Woo Tak and his partner arrest the professor for assault. Jae Chan talks to Woo Tak about what the child saw, and the young prosecutor leaves the inspection without authorizing organ donation. The prosecutors discuss the case at the office and rule in favor of the autopsy. Even Woo Joo, because as a parent she would want to know why her son died. Jae Chan finds precedent for doing the autopsy at the same time as the transplant, saving the lives of seven people including Chan Ho. Jae Chan is confident he's made the right decision...

Is there anything cuter than a secondary character romance? (Don't answer that; it's rhetorical). Ji Kwang and Yoo Joo are just too cute for words. I love how he tries to be encouraging, being a bit awkward and too loud. And then, when she opts for an autopsy, possibly dooming her child, he steps in and practically acts like a father who wasn't consulted. I think there's something going on there. I totally ship those two.

The choice between saving seven and catching the culprit was never a fair one. I kept thinking "there has to be a way out of this." And there was. I never believed for a second that he would be forced to make that choice. It was interesting to see how he was going to do it, but it left me a little cold. I thought the issue was forced and unnecessary. I'm hoping they weren't running out of ideas.

I like how the dreams work, where they give just enough information to heighten the suspense, but they still have to bang out the particulars. I think that is why it works so well. They're a good team, these three dragons. What I'd like to see is when they don't work so efficiently, but maybe that's beyond the scope of the series. I'll wait for the fanfic.

These episodes jerked more tears out of me. It wasn't so much the student as Chan Ho. They set this up nicely, where you find yourself liking the kid, and then you find out something terrible is going to happen to him. I'd like to say I feel cheated, but I won't. Maybe because they did it so well.

We had more than a few cute moments, but ironically not so much between Hong Joo and Jae Chan. They had their part in the story, but I think the prize goes to his co-workers, Yoo Joo and Ji Kwang. Fantastic chemistry, there. I dunno about transplant laws, but I could see him offering up a kidney. It's legal in the U.S., but I'm not sure about South Korea. You only need one kidney.

I'm sure Yoo Bum will find a way to mess this up, but all's well that ends well. At least I think so. Yoo Bum talked about challenging Jae Chan in court -- could he tie things up? I'm not sure. I'm a sucker for the happy endings this drama delivers. And this installment was quite satisfying.




  1. Suzy
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