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Posted by beansss AKP STAFF Tuesday, October 17, 2017

[Drama Review] 'Revolutionary Love' - Episode 2

Siwon, Gong Myung, Kang So Ra
Our three friends and their adventures officially kick off in episode 2 of tvN's 'Revolutionary Love'! While the last review focussed heavily on characters and concepts, I hope to stay on the plot for more of the oncoming reviews.

[Quick reminder: 'Revolutionary Love' is officially rated for 15+]

The entrance of the harassed flight attendant Ha Yeon Hee (played by Kim Ye Won) sets things off in motion quite boldly. If you were expecting things to drag on with Byun Hyuk (played by Super Junior's Siwon) barely missing running into Yeon Hee at critical moments and nonsensical scenes of those sorts, nope, you just got it straight on. Byun Hyuk goes flying into the air after slipping on a soju bottle and grabs Yeon Hee's chest, again.

But Siwon... what would Jesus do?

As a result, the big secret is out, and Baek Jun (played by Kang So Ra) is furious at both Hyuk and Kwon Jae Hoon (played by Gong Myung) for lying to her. Each of the characters' reactions during this rooftop fiasco are pretty interesting. Jun, being biased toward the working middle class without an ounce of sympathy for the rich, believes without a doubt that Hyuk and Jae Hoon are completely in the wrong. With Hyuk, it's still a little hazy exactly how guilty he feels about his first harassment case on the plane. And then there's Jae Hoon, who is adamant that all he's doing is following orders and cleaning up messes that Hyuk created.

Now, what's the deal with our drunk flight attendant lady? According to a character relationships chart on 'Revolutionary Love's official website, Yeon Hee also lives at the same commercial unit with Jun and Jae Hoon, but will be more closely associated with policeman Jang Chul Min in later episodes. This rules out the possibility of this possible 3-way love triangle turning 4-ways, which brings us back to square one...

Drinking soju from a straw is so clearly the new Starbucks.

Afterward, Jun discovers that Hyuk's older brother may be plotting to get Hyuk arrested thanks to her part time job as a designated driver. She informs Jae Hoon of this, and the two set out to rescue Hyuk from the hotel. When Jun and Hyuk meet in the hotel room, they strike up a deal in which Hyuk will now employee Jun as his personal secretary(?) while he waits for his harassment controversy to die down. Where will this new job lead? The answer to that question is where a lot of different possibilities and scenarios open up for episode 3.

Les just savor the flavor of everything that's happened so far for a minute... (Or just how cute Siwon is)

So when it comes to Jun and Hyuk's current relationship, it seems clear that their social class differences is their biggest obstacle. Jun outrightly believes that people of the upper class are her natural enemies, and her grudge is one to sympathize with, after finding out how her father died so young due to the stress of being laid off. Hyuk, on the other hand, doesn't have such a divided opinion on social classes. Instead, his problem still lies in that he doesn't know how to fix his mistakes without exercising his father's money and power.

Can y'all like not call me and then ignore me.

But when we add Jae Hoon into this mix, the complexity level shoots up. It's still too early to tell if Jae Hoon harbors true hatred toward Hyuk, or if he finds Hyuk as a true friend deep inside. Because he's the second male lead and all, we viewers (or maybe just me) would rather have the latter. What we want to see is Jae Hoon breaking free of his rigid, emotionless ways and become more human, not become evil and ruin this lovable friendship triangle.

UGHH next week's previews definitely had angst... bucket loads of ANGST.

Rather than launching off into the full storyline, episode 2 did feel slightly more like another introductory episode from episode 1. But we did see the plot begin to pick up and leave room for some nice paths, and the fighting, bickering chemistry between the three leads has yet to die down. I hope that 'Revolutionary Love' manages to maintain its fun and light, but also meaningful at times, nature. For those of you just now jumping on board, have a snack prepared for next weekend and cross your fingers for more laughs than tears!




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