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Posted by LorraineYe AKP STAFF Tuesday, October 17, 2017

10 Scariest Sasaeng Stories

10. Time of the Month
Taecyeon of 2PM once received what we deem as the act of the world's scariest sasaeng. Rather than write a heartfelt and kind note to their favorite idol, this 'fan' opted to write her words to him in her period blood. The note said: "I dedicate to Taecyeon my period blood-letter. Ok Taecyeon, you cannot live without me. Sprinkled with a few strands of my pubes." Eventually, the sasaeng received so much hate for her grotesque act that she publicly apologized.
9. Wedding Crashers
At the wedding of EXO Baekhyun's brother, sasaeng fans were cleverly hidden among the normal attendees. But, when EXO walked in and proceeded to do a number to congratulate the newlyweds, the fans rushed up with their cameras to film and record by standing on chairs. These sasaengs took it to the next level when they ignored the cake cutting and attempted to try to get photos and autographs in with the EXO members. When the family got together for photos, the 'fans' mobbed to take the best photos as if they were photographers at a press event. What a way to have your wedding day ruined!
8. Hide-&-Seek
Jonghyun of CNBLUE was practicing guitar in his dorm room, except he couldn't manage to get the sound he wanted out of how he was playing. As he expressed his frustration with the guitar, he heard a giggling noise from behind his drawers. When he opened the door, a sasaeng fan was hiding there! The whole idea sends a chill down our spine.
7. One Creepy Text
Super Junior's Heechul spoke about his experiences with sasaengs and said one of the most chilling moments he ever had occurred was when he was living in the dorms with the rest of the members. The apartment Super Junior shared was on the 8th floor and one day everyone happened to be relaxing in their comfiest clothes, which happened to be underwear and a t-shirt. Everything seemed fine until SuJu received a text saying that 'Donghae's teddy bear underwear is so cute'. Let's just say they covered up any windows from that moment onward.
6. Unwanted Blood Oaths
In 2009, two sasaengs sent Big Bang's Taeyang and G-Dragon love letters covered in some of their own blood. The first fan allegedly cut her neck and palm for Taeyang's letter and the second cut her neck and wrist for G-Dragon's. Within the same month, MBLAQ's Lee Joon also received a bloody fan letter. Spooky!
5. Driving Too Close
GOT7's Jackson was actually physically injured by a car accident caused by a sasaeng driver who was stalking the group. JYP had to even issue an official statement that announced Jackson's fan-induced injury. JYP went on to say that stalking artist cars was a dangerous act and that serious accidents would affect the artist, and the person doing the stalking!
4. You're Coming With Me!
Once, during the Angel Price Music Festival, Girls' Generation was performing "Run, Devil, Run" when a male audience member got on stage and attempted to pull Taeyeon off the stage. This 'kidnapping' was quickly caught by Sunny who jumped to her aid as quickly as possible. The host of the show was able to catch the man before he got anywhere with Taeyeon.
3. I'll Wait For You
On an episode of KBS 2TV's 'Entertainment Relay', the interviewer stated that Shinhwa's relationship to fans was unlike any other. Dongwan replied that fans often waited outside their dorms until extremely late in the night so he would spray water on them to get them to leave. Though the members criticized him for his actions, he added that he wanted them to leave!
2. I'm Watching You...
JYJ Yoochun's sasaeng fans must be a special breed because they managed to install CCTV in the parking lot of Yoochun's home. Footage of Yoochun going home contains him hiding against walls and looking before turning corners out of fear. JYJ has, unfortunately, a history of very intense sasaengs following the group around.
1. Just Let Me Sleep!
Girls' Generation's Taeyeon had to post many times in warning to the sasaengs that obtained her private phone number and began to relentlessly harass her with phone calls in the middle of the night. The sasaeng obtained Taeyeon's number and messaged her on Kakao. When the stalker noticed she read the messages, they would begin calling Taeyeon. Even worse, the sasaeng spread her private number to other sasaengs. We hope Taeyeon has changed her number since!

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