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Posted by beansss Saturday, September 16, 2017

10 Idols who are mistaken as leaders in their group

1. TWICE's Nayeon
Some people mistake Nayeon as TWICE's leader, because she is the oldest member, and also seems to get along with all of her members extremely well. But ONCE know that the leader can't be anyone other than Jihyo, who boasts 10 years of trainee experience!
2. Lovelyz's Kei
Kei is arguably the most famous Lovelyz member, at least to the general Korean public. Which may be why some seem to think she's the group's leader..? Lovelyz's leader is of course, the small but reliable, multi-talented Baby Soul.
3. A Pink's Eunji
There are several reasons Eunji gets mistaken for A Pink's leader - she's outspoken and loud, she's active in a variety of fields including acting, promoting as a solo artist, collaboration releases, and more. A Pink's true leader and the oldest unnie Chorong, is more of the quiet, motherly type who watches her members' backs.
4. SHINee's Jonghyun
This one may seem slightly farfetched seeing how famous SHINee are even to the general public, but still, there's a reason Jonghyun gets mistaken as the leader of the group. He's very established in his solo career, as well as for being a talented composer. He also has a history of being active on variety shows, DJ-ing for a radio show, and more. But because SHINee's real leader Onew is also quite well-known for his variety show personality, this mistake isn't the most glaring on the list.
5. 2PM's Taecyeon
Taecyeon is also arguably most famous member of 2PM to the general public, known for his successful acting career, his fun variety image, and more. However, HOTTEST know that 2PM chose not to select a new leader after Jay Park's departure from the group in 2009. Fellow member Jun.K also gets mistaken as the leader of 2PM from time to time.
6. G-Friend's Yerin
The biggest reason Yerin seems to be mistaken as G-Friend's leader seems to be because of her energetic and outspoken personality. Meanwhile, actual leader Sowon may have a similar leadership style with A Pink's Chorong - the mother who watches over her children from outside the spotlight.
7. F.T. Island's Hongki
It's true that often times in bands, the main vocalist is also the leader. This is not the case in F.T. Island, but the general public doesn't know that. Hongki also suffered when rumors about FNC Entertainment's insider training seemed to point fingers at him for supposedly being "the leader of a popular idol band", but Primadonnas know that F.T. Island's sturdy foundation is leader Jonghun.
8. EXID's LE
A lot of people seem to think that when you mention an EXID song, you mention that it is composed by LE. Which then leads to mistakes that she is the group's leader. In EXID, however, the oldest member takes up the reins as the leader - Solji.
9. Black Pink's Jisoo
The general Korean public doesn't know the Black Pink members very well individually, yet. This leads to misconceptions that the leader position may belong to the oldest, Jisoo. (Sometimes, Jennie is also mistaken as the leader for her experience and fame.) But shortly after their debut, Black Pink revealed that because the members are more or less around the same age, they chose not to have a leader.
10. NU'EST's Aron
Okay before you jump the gun on this! Aron was sometimes mistaken as NU'EST's leader BEFORE 'PRODUCE 101' SEASON 2 and BEFORE JR earned the nickname, 'Nation's Leader'. Back when NU'EST were known more to their fans, Aron was active in MC-ing, plus he's the oldest member of the group, which was why some mistook him as the leader. HOWEVER, no one has to worry about that any more, now that NU'EST have entered a new, golden era, right?

(Did we miss anyone? Or do you disagree with any of the idols mentioned?)

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