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'Produce 101' PD reveals thoughts on uneven screen time + why only 20 trainees remained on final round

By yckim124   Monday, June 26, 2017   49,364   2,508   37



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Producer Ahn Joon Young of 'Produce 101' season 2 sat down for an interview with OSEN on June 26. 

One of the questions asked about the controversy on uneven screen time for the trainees. Many netizens complained that certain trainees received more screen time than others while some barely made appearances. 

Regarding the issue, Ahn PD commented, "The issue of screen time was more stressed this year. This program was actually scheduled for 70 minutes... But season 1 was 100 minutes and it was about 140 minutes this time. That's because I wanted more contestants to be introduced. I wanted more of them to be shown on the broadcast. I wanted to have the most screen time (for all) and as a result, I think many are also remembering the eliminated trainees and not just the top 20 who made it to the live broadcast. I worked hard to make trainees memorable."

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Ahn PD was also asked why there were only 20 trainees left for the final round instead of 22. 

He answered, "Last year it was 22. At the time, the 22 trainees performed one song. That point was a bit unfortunate. It felt like the focus was dropped because they were all performing one stage. I believed it'll be better to have two tracks for season 2 so there were two teams with 10 trainees each. The reason why I didn't make it 11 (in one group) is because I didn't want it to seem like they were competing; as if the winning group is the 11 to make the debut or have benefits."

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introverteddeedl Tuesday, June 27, 2017

i read that first answer as "people are complaining about the eliminated trainees that didnt get enough screentime because they saw the trainees on the show ONCE, and then they never saw them again." So he basically means if he never showed them at all no one wouldve thought about them HAHAHAHAHAHA please thats not how it works.

heyyitsnrcxd Tuesday, June 27, 2017

LOL he didn't even answer the question.

Cieli Tuesday, June 27, 2017

I like Boa but I don't like the pd much! Boa's expression during 3rd and last elimination is the reaction that I will have when I see the result..

periwinkledomo Monday, June 26, 2017

did he answer the question? he basically answered the question of why wasnt screen time equal with, i tried and succeeded in making screen time equal. also mnet knows wat the ranks r ahead of time, so it makes more sense that the cutoff of ranks 21-22 was bc they didnt want those particular trainees in the group. u created a program designed to pit 101 ppl against each other. no one believes that u care enough about the trainees to think that an 11 vs 11 stage would somehow be unfair. esp since the 10 vs 10 stage still looked like a competition.

xiu_tingstars Monday, June 26, 2017

is it just me or did he not answer the first question at all lmfao

Tabbyholic xiu_tingstars Tuesday, June 27, 2017

nope me too

kimmiefonze Monday, June 26, 2017

Lets be honest here, the finale was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too long like, cameras focused on the top 20 contestants, then to BoA, then to the chairs, then to the eliminated boys for 30 seconds each and repeat the same shots. Its dragging AF! I get that only the ones with stories, strong personality, natural show talent, and sense of humor might be the ones who makes it into good editing but really, the screen time, even on the finale was not fair (half of the top 20 was not even on the touching segments, you know who they are). Not to mention the cruelty of posting the wrong top 11 on IG, posting the danger 4, bad shots during the top 20 performances. They didn't even bother to repaint the seats! I will never hate on the 11 boys but damn, the editing and over all production of this show was mediocre.

kid1421 kimmiefonze Monday, June 26, 2017

i'm agree...and season 1 have better editing

nymeria24 kimmiefonze Tuesday, June 27, 2017

wow you said it all i want to give you 100 thumbs up, i thought i had been the only one who notice the seats were scratched

BobbyJJANG Monday, June 26, 2017

aha...... then why was almost every scene repeated 5000 times from any possible angle shown with reaction from 10 different people? this wasn´t necessary. The time could be distributed to the trainees, that needed it the most. Kenta fighting! Roh Tae-Hyun fighting! I will always support you!!

veronicavivian BobbyJJANG Monday, June 26, 2017

This! MNET wastes too much screentime with reactions nobody cares about and repeated scenes in slow motion. They do this in every single one of their shows and it's annoying AF.

Sarab_eel Monday, June 26, 2017

Ik people would be mad at me if i said this but i dont think the editing was bad this season about the screen time, bcoz even the trainees who didnt make it to the top 34 are famous and trainees like ong seungwoo and jonghyun minki jihoon didnt have much screentime but still were popular and about evil editing mnet would never force someone's mouth to move as they wish so in this too i think there wasnt so much evil editing, this season had less drama bcoz boys usually are not as dramatic as girls are, so i wish next season could also be boys to be honest

krystalanne Sarab_eel Monday, June 26, 2017

My main bias is ONG (main ship is OngNiel) but he did get good screentime since the start. The reason I notice ONG and started liking him from the start was because they highlighted his handsome actor visual and talented too. I even remember the trainers squealing in front of him when he went to perform for them. Jonghyun got good story and screentime too. On Ep 1, he cried and relayed Nu'est story and Kahi cried too. He said this was their last chance etc. And after that he became leader of Sorry Sorry Team 2 and should his great leadership skill and that is where I started liking him also because Daniel is in that team and he help him too. After that he became leader again and again and showed how good leader he is so he was nicknamed 'Nation Leader'. Point is he do have good screentime and story. The REAL Top 11 since Ep 1 that do not have much screentime is Jihoon and Guanlin. Jihoon no need for explanation because he literally really have no screentime and fans knows this. His screentime are only a few seconds. Guanlin do not have screentime too if anything for the Cube trainees it was Seonho who got screentime and have solo interviews. If you go back to Ep 3 and 4 you'll see that in the whole 2 hours Guanlin only say 1 sentence in the whole show. He even got bad edited before that saying he can't do the dance. Honestly I am amazed this 2 manage to get such huge korean fandom and was in Top 11 till the very end. It wasn't until Ep 6 that Mnet realized they aren't dropping and gave them a little more screentime.

veronicavivian krystalanne Monday, June 26, 2017

If I could upvote your comment 10 times I swear I would. It seems you're one of the few people who actually watched what happened on that show and knows how the editing worked. It's true Jihoon and Guanlin didn't have much screentime, but honeslty they didn't need it because both of them had the biggest fandoms when the show started and they kept it strong till the last episode. Guanlin also didn't speak that much compared to Seonho, so there wasn't much to show. But Ong had some of the best edits and I'm so thankful for that because he was so hilarious. Compared to his actor looks I never thought he would be such a clown. Bless his bromance with Daniel, lol.

Sarab_eel krystalanne Monday, June 26, 2017

Idk why you are explaining this bcoz i've already watched this program like 2 times and also ong and jonghyun are my no.1 bias and in the first episode when ong entered as the second company i said HE IS THE ONE and the screentime he got was bcoz he was everywhere and the only boy in the top 11 thats talented to beyond the clouds i mean the most talented i think but my point is that like u said seonho was always on tv but he didnt make it so what i meant was that, even people who didnt make it had screentime and are popular now unlike the first season, and for jonghyun too if he didnt do something so good he wouldnt have that much screentime but those two compared to daniel got nothing, i remember daniel appearing like 15 times in one episode (which i liked bcoz he is one of my bias) and u r right about jihoon and guanlin but i think its not mnet's fault tbh bcoz they are shy and not so clumsy like ong so mnet doesnt know what to show x)

Endless_Nameless Monday, June 26, 2017

Are people still mad over the mic situation? Don't you guys realize that they didn't really need the mics in the first place? The only reason some of them had mics is because that way it makes it easier for the editing team to isolate their conversations like when they were sitting and i think it was jinyoung telling dongbin (i might be wrong with the names, sorry about that) to get his thoughts straight and put his everything on rehearsing and improving himself, you can clearly hear both of them because of the one mic they had. When you've got that many people in one room too many mics will make it a nightmare for the editing team, especially since the type of mics they were using can pick up different voices nicely and then the audios would overlap resulting in distorted voices.And about the "they could've been 12 in each team", that's too many people though? 24 families praying for their success of these trainees and waiting to see if they're gonna debut sounds more heartbreaking than 20 families. You've got 9 people that were really close to achieving their dreams and got away and you're asking for 13 people to share that instead? Their anxiety would've been much higher while waiting for the results to be called out because the probability of making it to the final group was higher. I'm honestly hoping that for the third season they keep the top 20, or top 21 with three final songs instead. People keep saying this season was a mess but the previous one was worse. You've got to realize that this is a process of trial and error since mnet was the first to try such a large-scale survival show, it's not gonna be perfect but they're slowly getting better.

jrieworld Monday, June 26, 2017

I just want to know how they choose Bugi as leader.. every single time, suddenly there's an L sticker.. was it stitched there? was the t-shirt premade with an L for him? or did it just magically happen? I just need to know.

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