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Posted by jennywill AKP STAFF Tuesday, June 6, 2017

jennywill's Top 11 picks for 'Produce 101' Season 2

'Produce 101' Season 2 has been full of drama, but that doesn't mean it's also full of promising, incredibly charming trainees. All the trainees in the show are talented and amazing in their own way, but these are my favorite 11. Some I'm pretty sure will make it, others I'm pretty sure won't be in the top 11, and yet others are still up in the air. All the same, the following is my own personal list and their possible positions (not in order of preference).

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Leader - Pledis Entertainment's Kim Jong Hyun

Kim Jong Hyun pretty much has the title 'Nation's Leader' now. He's the only trainee that was the leader for all three rounds and gained the title through his impressive leading during the first evaluation. He's also a talented dancer (even though he chose to be evaluated as a rapper during the position evaluations) on top of his kindness, so he's a must-have for the final 11.

Main vocal - Individual trainee Kim Jae Hwan

While 'Produce 101' has other amazing vocals (Jung Se Woon, Park Woo Dam, Seo Sung Hyuk, Lee Geon Hee, etc), Kim Jae Hwan is, in my opinion, the best vocal out of all the trainees. He's the only trainee to have been the main vocal for all three evaluations, and he was dubbed the '2nd Yoo Yeon Jung' by a fellow trainee. He's also shown through "Sorry Sorry" and "Never" that he has doesn't have any issues learning choreography, so he's a must.

Vocal - Brand New Music's Lee Dae Hwi

Lee Dae Hwi is a multi-talented trainee who can not only sing but also compose and produce music. He started off as the center of the "Pick Me" stage in the beginning, and for good reason as he's a quirky, popping trainee who has amazing stage presence. He's been getting a little timid because of all the hate comments that he doesn't deserve, but he still shines on stage.

Vocal - Star Road's Takada Kenta

Takada Kenta is quite possibly the trainee in top 35 with the least amount of screen time out of all the episodes. It's so bad that fans have even made a list of his total screen time per episode, and it's amazing how far he's come even with his screen. He was the center during the first evaluation, the leader during the second evaluation, and then the temporary center during the third evaluation. Kenta can rap, sing, and dance, even if fans haven't been really able to see much of it because he's been edited out.

Rap - MMO Entertainment's Kang Daniel

Kang Daniel is basically an all-for-one. He's got his visuals and can rap and dance, but he showed during "Open Up" that he could also sing. He's been stealing hearts through his always-smiling face but proved he wasn't just a pushover when he was strict about Joo Hak Nyeon's center position during the latest evaluation. It's true he did make a mistake, but he's been penalized for it and hopefully, he's learned.

Rap - Cube Entertainment's Lai Kuan Lin

Lai Kuan Lin had originally been noticed for his looks, but now he's cemented himself as the trainee who's improving by miles and working hard. While he doesn't have a steadfast position yet, his rap has improved much through both "Fear" and "Never", and he's definitely open to improving himself in every way.

Dance - Brand New Music's Park Woo Jin

Park Woo Jin was my favorite Brand New Music trainee from the beginning (his crooked teeth that makes it look like he has a fang on his left side is so cute), and he shot up the ranks in my overall after his "Get Ugly" performance. He's an amazing dancer who can also choreograph and rap (as shown in "Never"), and I'm glad people are finally starting to notice him and pushing his rank within the 11.

Dance - YUEHUA's Ahn Hyung Seop

While for some reason his talents haven't quite been shown (he was ultimately put into the A class), Ahn Hyung Seop is definitely an energetic bunny. He fits himself to every theme (playful for "10 out of 10", sexy for "Get Ugly", and then cute for "Oh Little Girl"). He's also lost a lot of screen time and gotten a bit timid after hate comments, but he shows just how amazing he is through every stage.

Visual - Maroo Entertainment's Park Ji Hoon

People forget Park Ji Hoon is actually talented (he was in the B class) and can dance just because of how good looking he is. Park Ji Hoon can not only look amazing and steal hearts with a simple wink but also dance. He is definitely 101's 'center' boy, and will most likely (fittingly) end up as #1 in the final ranking. He's shown that he's not just a pretty face and that he puts a lot of thought into his stages.

Visual - Pledis Entertainment's Hwang Min Hyun

Hwang Min Hyun is another visual who is amazingly talented. He was one of the lead vocalists of NU'EST, and while he sadly made mistakes during his placement evaluation and was put in the D class, every other trainee was shocked at the placement. He made it up by showing his solid vocals through all three stages and gained love also as the creator of the still-loved "Sorry Sorry" team 2.

Visual - Fantagio's Ong Sung Woo

Ong Sung Woo is yet another visual who can both sing and dance. He was put into the A class because of his singing and dancing abilities, and he's stolen hearts not just with his face but his humorous personality (he kind of reminds me of BTOB's humor). Ong Sung Woo has actually been in all 3 of the most popular groups in the evaluations - "Sorry Sorry" team 2, "Get Ugly", and "Never - and has been high ranking throughout the show for good reason.

So that's my personal top 11 picks. Who is in your top 11?

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