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Posted by AllK_Maknae3 pts Thursday, May 11, 2017

If K-Pop idols were Overwatch Heroes

1. VIXX Leo - The Reaper
While VIXX's Leo isn't as evil and dark as The Reaper, they both have a cool, calm and collected attitude about them. Leo has a very sharp face and a cold-blooded stare that suits any dark concept - same goes for The Reaper. Both of these guys seem pretty dangerous at first glance.
2. HyunA - Widowmaker
Widowmaker is downright sexy. Her sultry voice, long flowing hair and wicked attitude make her a real troublemaker - just like HyunA. HyunA has a lot of sex appeal going on and isn't afraid to rock the kill heels like Widowmaker. Plus, Widowmaker's eerie purple skin reminds us of HyunA's many hair colors and neon-colored MVs.
3. Super Junior Shindong - Winston
If you think Shindong is the perfect Winston simply because he is big, that is just one reason. Shin Dong and Winston both love to eat and have an interesting sense of humor only few can understand. I'm sure Shindong shares the same primal rage as Winston, but maybe not the superior genius brain.
4. f(x) Amber - Tracer
Believe it or not, f(x)'s Amber is the perfect example of Tracer! They are both energetic girls, with a love for life and wickedly funny personality. Plus, they both rock that same appealing tomboy look we can't get enough of. Tracer is an icon of Overwatch the same way Amber is an icon of K-Pop! Amber~ Please cosplay as Tracer!
5. B1A4 CNU - Mei
The signature glasses! Mei is known as the plushy and sweet character of Overwatch and CNU has that same charming, cheerful personality. They both have an adorkable style going on that makes you fall for them easily. Honestly, just put a Chinese comb in CNU's hair and you got yourself a Korean version of Mei!
6. T-ara Jiyeon - D.VA
The name is perfectly fitting. We all know Jiyeon is a D.VA but she also has that tough girl, play hard attitude similar to the Overwatch character. Plus, both woman have strikingly similar appearances, face and body wise.
7. GOT7's Jackson - Junkrat
You may be wondering why GOT7's Jackson? Well, Jackson is a total prankster! Similar to Junkrat's wild and playful nature, they both share a similar pranking behavior and have an unforgettable shriek-ish laugh.
8. JYJ Jaejoong - Hanzo
Hanzo has a sharp almost sinister face that is unchanged by emotion. JYJ Jaejoong has that same mysterious allure that makes him powerful yet intimidating to look at. Either way, both guys have mastered the smolder.
9. IU - Mercy
IU is the angel of K-Pop - hence why she is a perfect Mercy. Both sweet, angelic, beautiful to look at and IU's music gives us life, just like Mercy does on the battlefield.
10. Super Junior Siwon - McGree
We all know when Siwon grows a little beard stubble he is an absolute hottie! Tall, smooth and charming like McGree, Siwon would be the baddest cowboy in the entire Wild West and Overwatch universe.

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