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Jeon So Mi sheds tears after being critiqued for her singing on 'Unnies' Slam Dunk 2'

By KpopJoA   Friday, March 31, 2017   197,201   7,836   0



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The March 31 episode of KBS2TV's 'Unnies' Slam Dunk 2' featured Jeon So Mi auditioning for her part.

The singer gave her best effort while singing but she was criticized by the panel.  Jeon So Mi first sang her part swaying to the music giving a cute performance while the rest of the 'Unnies' watched.  While the audition was going on, SM vocal trainer Jang Jin Young looked uneasy as he shook his head and abruptly stopped the music.  "Hold on a minute please," making the viewers confused.

He then turned to Jeon So Mi with a straight face and said, "Do you actually want to do it like we practiced?" Trying to tell her to stop using Falsetto and to project more powerfully.

Hearing this, Jeon So Mi looked flabbergasted as she had to perform all over again.

Afterward, Jang Jin Young evaluated her overall performance.  "I'm sorry to say this but you really need to practice more."

Listening to the critiques, Jeon So Mi couldn't help but burst out in tears, "I even practiced until late last night," expressing her sorrow.

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source: naver news

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mdhen01 Tuesday, April 11, 2017

I hate to say it, but she needs to learn how to take criticism. Sure she is still young, but she's been in the spotlight for a while now. If she can't take criticism she won't be able to handle the endless hate she's going to get when she actually debuts. And that's a great trait to have in these situations.

KMaikee_G Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Awww... The coach was pushing her because he knew she could do it just the same as he was pushing Yewon. Yewon decided to stop singing coz of her nodes while Somi made it a habit to sing in falsetto coz she was told before that her voice overpowers her former GG members' voices as explained in one of the previous episodes. The Coach knew she wasn't singing at her best as what she has shown in practice and that her natural singing voice is unique. She was being very cautious that's why she can't push herself to the limits. People who do that usually end up singing flat. I hope she'll be able to overcome that mindset soon... As to her crying, we can make different conclusions but I want to think that it was more of getting frustrated at herself.

elly2k Sunday, April 2, 2017

She's an average singer with slight leaning towards above average. But she really gotta toughen up if she wants to last in this industry. Bursting into tears and getting dragged down every time she receives some form of criticism is not gonna help. Young or not, the mindset needs to be changed. I don't think too many people would be looking at this kindly in the near future if she does it too often

jadybug Sunday, April 2, 2017

She has potential, but it seems like she can't take constructive criticism. I remember watching SIXTEEN and Somi cried half the time. She's young so she's still learning, but come on. Just because you practice hard doesn't mean you're getting better!

Gallifreyan7 Sunday, April 2, 2017

She's young so it's not a big surprise to see her getting emotional after getting a few critiques from the coach but they are doing their job. Hope for her she'll learn how to recieve critiques.

Fatimaaxo Saturday, April 1, 2017

lol y'all gassed her so hard to the point she thought she was good herself.

Gallifreyan7 Fatimaaxo Sunday, April 2, 2017

have to agree with you. She isn't bad but she isn't the best either and I do feel like people praised her too much so she has a hard time dealing with critiques. I might be wrong but this is how I feel.

ChanelOberlin Gallifreyan7 Sunday, April 2, 2017

Sad but true, but again, you dont need talents to be an idol..there is literally a position called ''Visual'' . . . All you need, is good manner and be pretty AF... then bam, idol. But if you want to be respected idol...then talent is needed.

Logan_W Saturday, April 1, 2017

as someone who went to school for musical theatre and is NOT a singer lol no matter how hard I tried, she really is not a bad singer. this part was just way too high for her either on this particular day or just in general. i think  you guys are forgetting the most important thing: your voice is essentially a direct extension of your body. if you are tired, stressed, sick, tense, nervous, etc. it WILL affect your voice. i have heard friends sing who are on broadway right this minute and are absolutely insanely talented singers sound way worse than her. trust me, when you're around it 24/7 for 4 years you very quickly learn that the voice is a delicate, sometimes unpredictable thing that is totally dependent on how well rested, hydrated, and relaxed you are. i don't think it takes a rocket scientist to know that she is probably tremendously overworked and extremely nervous. the fact she sang as well as she did is honestly amazing. also performing in front of a small crowd like this of your peers and coaches can be even more nerve-racking than performing on big stages. it was for me and many others at least. last thing... she's like 16 right? why on earth are people attacking this poor kid?

heyimgay Saturday, April 1, 2017

Some of you guys are being straight up hateful to a 16 year old, maybe calming down would be a good idea before you start insulting her for not being a perfect singer lmfao

kpop_lover_s Saturday, April 1, 2017

The way I see it, the trainer just did his job. He wasnt patronizing her, I'm sure he knows she is still 16 and vocals are still developing. still teachers cannot always pamper students and say everything is going to be ok, he told her to practice more on her techniques and thats ok, just like it is also ok for her to get emotional about it as long as she doesnt take the critique as an insult but a motivation to work harderbesides training to be singers is tough and having thousands of people watching you learn even more so... so people should cut her some slack

Blacbarbie38 kpop_lover_s Saturday, April 1, 2017

Well said

Gallifreyan7 kpop_lover_s Sunday, April 2, 2017

Totally agree!

parklola Saturday, April 1, 2017

she is such a pathetic bitch AKP why do you still have this stupid article up ? i don't want to keep seeing her ugly cry face every time i come on AKP

Mynameisjeff parklola Saturday, April 1, 2017

Are you proud of yourself now?

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