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Posted by jennywill AKP STAFF Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Former T-ara staff reveals shocking KKT from Hyoyoung to Ahreum, says Hwayoung-Hyoyoung are pretending to be victims

T-ara, Ahreum, Hyoyoung, Hwayoung
A person claiming to be a former T-ara staff has come forward to claim that the Hyoyoung-Hwayoung twins are lying.

After 'Taxi' aired on the 8th, a post was made be someone who claimed to be a T-ara staff member 5 years ago. The person wrote, "I watched the Ryu sisters crying. Hwayoung said the thing that happened 5 years ago was something acceptable. Was it something acceptable to happen in a group of women? It's not at all."


The staff wrote that T-ara was not innocent, but the two sisters had bigger issues. The staff revealed a bunch of messages allegedly from Hyoyoung (5dolls) to Ahreum, who had also been in T-ara. 

The KKT messages say:

H: Ahreum, it's Hyoyoung unni.

A: Yes, unni, hello ^^!!

H: Ahreum, you have to thank people when they take care of you and be grateful. If you don't want to be hit, act properly because rumors spread in this world really fast. Don't gossip and don't be cheap ^^. I'm really angry, so let's not meet, okay?

H: If I misunderstood, do you want to meet up and talk? Or do you want to apologize now.

A: I don't know what you're saying. I want to meet and talk to you, unni. I didn't do anything bad enough to hear things like this.

H: Baby, just go away.

H: I'm going to hit you so hard at Music Bank that dust is gonna be flying, so just wait.

H: I'll scratch your face so you can't be on broadcast

H: Hehehe wait~^^

H: I'm not gonna be a singer, heh. So just wait *^^ Dogs only learn when they're hit.

H: B*tch. Just wait until I catch you.

H: Yeah, keep tattletaling.

The staff also talked about Hwayoung's leg injury. While it was true she did fall, she came back from the hospital with the manager after hearing that there was no issue with her legs. However, she still went to another hospital to get a half cast. For some reason, she also took the cast off in the car, but asked the manager to help her walk in front of camera. The staff wrote, "I thought that was so weird. I still don't understand it."

The staff also revealed that while T-ara all went to Japan for their promotions, Hwayoung missed rehearsals because of her leg injury, and then said she wanted to go get her nails done. She kept asking for personal things while the others were practicing.

There are doubts about how real this could be, as the texts are surfacing incredibly late, and not even by Ahreum herself, who had apparently received the messages. The KKT messages could be easily fabricated as well.

What do you think of the story?

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