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Ahreum tries to gain attention by continuously posting about the T-ara controversy?

By yckim124   Thursday, February 9, 2017   118,913   3,059   136



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Netizens are now convinced that Ahreum is just trying to gain attention through the current controversy regarding Hyoyoung-Hwayoung and T-ara.

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After the controversial Kakaotalk message between Ahreum and Hyoyoung came to light, Ahreum expressed gratitude towards the reporter on Instagram. She then tells Jiyeon that she'll protect T-ara, once again via Instagram. Several hours later, Ahreum uploads on Instagram again with the caption, "Don't hate on people." It didn't stop there, her posts continue, and this time, Ahreum writes a long message asking reporters to stop writing about her. Ahreum claims that she was being sarcastic when she thanked the reporter in her previous post and that she actually cried her eyes out after the controversy resurfaced. 

As of now, netizens are sick of Ahreum's continuous posts. Comments stated, "She's really an attention seeker. Please stop now", "Do you really want attention that bad? Stop writing novels", "I'm so sick of T-ara", "She should've kept quiet after the first post, she's now losing sympathy," "What do you gain from posting this kind of stuff??", "You should just stay quiet", "Why is she speaking up now? Where has she been the past 5 years?

그대여 사람을 미워하진마 ♡君よ人を憎まれるな

A video posted by 李아름 (@areumlee0419) on

2013년도 탈퇴후에 이길을 조용히 잘 가고 있는 저에게 왜 또 이런 무서운 기사로 .. 하필 겨우 잊은 ..13년도 어렸던 제게 괴기하다고말한 사진과 함께 .. 저를 또 이용하시려는건지 그 무서운 사진 올리신 기자님은 너무하다는 표현을 반어법으로 표현하여 "제 사진 올려주신 기자님들 참 감사합니다" 라고 말한겁니다 .. 오해를 불러 일으킨점 고개숙여 사과드립니다 . "꼭 곧 만납시다" 이 말에 담긴 의미는. " 그 사진만 보면 난 그때가 떠올라서 당신은 감히 상상도못할 괴로움으로 난 이렇게 죽을것 같은데 , 그런 나를 왜 하필 또 나를 . 이용하시는건지 기자 당신 내가 괴씸해서 고소할거니까 꼭 . 법정에서 곧 봅시다. " 라는 의미였습니다 .. 지금도 가족과 친구들..정말감사한팬가족분들 모두가  괜찮을거라고 다 잘될거라고 ..위로해주고 다독여주셔서 .. 정말 .. 정...말 지금 간신히 버티고 있습니다 .. 제발 ... 기사 그만 써주세요 .. 제발 작은 돌맹이로 아직 뛰지도 못한 이 어린 개구리좀 죽이지 말아주세요 한사람 인생 살린다 .생각하시고 제발....... 지워주세요 이젠 이렇게까지 부탁드립니다 . " 모르겠네요 만일 이 글을 보고 계신다면 기자님 .. 힘내세요 ^^ " 이 말에 담긴 뜻은 .. 여린사람들까지 이용해서 먹고사시느라 참 힘드시겠어요..라는 말이 였어요.. " 우리 모두 오늘도 아무일 없는듯 " 이라고했지만 숨이 멎을듯이 울었습니다... 아직은 여러분들께서 보내주시는 위로의 말들조차 아프게 다가옵니다.. 그렇지만 좋은게 좋은거라 생각하고싶었기에 "힘내십시다 !^^ " 이렇게 마무리 하려했던거에요 .. 얼토당토 아니한 추측들을 난무하게 만든 것 같아 , 잠잠해질때까진 이제 이 글을 마지막으로 다신 그날들을 떠올리는 글은 올리지 않을테니 .. 그리고 다 이해하고 용서할테니 .. 부디 오해 기사라도 . 제발 내려주시면 감사하겠습니다 ...

A photo posted by 李아름 (@areumlee0419) on

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LeeKiKwangDZ Friday, February 10, 2017

can anyone tell me why she left t-ara after the scandal??

TruthTeller130 LeeKiKwangDZ Friday, February 10, 2017

she was "going solo" according to the company... the poof she dissapeared

its_queenbee LeeKiKwangDZ Monday, February 27, 2017

Just a will guess here perhaps: Apparently then, she announce that she's leaving T-ara, and was set to go on solo, which didn't happened! My wild guess was, she couldn't take the hate comments of of Knetz during that time! Cause, I saw one video of them performing on studio, T-ara N4, Jeon Won Diary and you can clearly hear, (translated from Korean) Knetz cursing them and saying "T-ara get lost," while performing! That's rudeness and deliberate act of bullying! And maybe, Ahreum decides to leave while she can still hold on to her being sane, maybe? It must have been stressful and depressing for her, She's young and very soft spoken, and maybe she wasn't as strong as the older T-aras?! Just my wild speculation on what was a rumour before, and her behavior before in her ig?! But, seems now, she's okay, as what she stated in her ig! I just hope she's much stronger now and comeback, cause she was really a good performer!

kkrazy Friday, February 10, 2017

Do you know how to get reporters to continue to write about you?  You post publicly telling them to stop writing about you.   LOL she was in T-ara for like 72 hrs (hahaha) - who is she gonna protect Jiyeon from?  I think it's the other way around.  Respect your sunbaes......

QUEENZ6T_ARA Friday, February 10, 2017

(yckim124) is an anti of T-ARA and Allkpop stop spreading and sharing lies and rumours you pathetic manipulators fucks hypocrites bitches #allcrap

QUEENZ6T_ARA Friday, February 10, 2017

Hmm allkpop enough crap the bitch is fine,, and how she's an attention seeker when she's literally begging the reporters to stop writing about her #Allcrap

prettychristinna Friday, February 10, 2017

People:Ahreum are you ok?  Ahreum: When i was in T-ara..   Like bitch shut the fuck up. Nobody cares anymore!!

RAS33 Friday, February 10, 2017

Bruh, she's relieved, that's why she's posting. Don't look if you got a problem. You sound like you can't except being wrong about T-ara.b

Lary_kpop Friday, February 10, 2017

Guess that's how people react after being proved to be stupid jerks for so long... "Let's reconsider our agressive attitude and recognize we were injust all along?" "No! Let's shut up this bitch that just proved us wrong!" Netizens being blind jerks again... Surprise, surprise.

yesungturtle Friday, February 10, 2017

She wants reporters to stop writing about her and now she is attention seeker? Why are netizens so disgusting.

soo_swee_seng Friday, February 10, 2017

Thanks for this reporter and the netizens keep hurting her. Since u dun have moral, i hope and believe all of u will meet what she suffered, when the times come  dun ask for mercy or injustice

im_OwO Friday, February 10, 2017


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