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[Drama Review] 'Goblin' - Episode 11

By AllK_Maknae   Monday, January 9, 2017   21,578   4,843   4



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Although episode 10 of the 'Goblin' was a whirlwind of suspense and fun, episode 11 left me feeling a bit bored throughout each scene. While it contained some unique situations, it seemed to not further the plot as much as we expected and keeps everything stagnant until the very end.

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The story of Kim Shin (Gong Yoo) and his sister's past becomes more intense as well as saddening now that it is told with a fuller perspective. Before, the bits and pieces made it more scattered rather than mysterious and intriguing. Viewers developed a lot of misconceptions and the story lacked anything in depth to keep us pondering about it. It became attention grabbing once his sister and the King were more involved. 

To my surprise, Kim Shin reveals to Sunny (Yoo In Na) that he is her brother in her past life. I was left wondering if there would be any dire consequences for revealing such truths to her, and it seems there might be since Sunny kept feeling pain in the same place the arrow pierced the Queen. 

When you sick but still look like a 10 - wife her!

I feel the drama becomes more intense because it drags a normal human like Sunny into a precarious situation. Ji Eun Tak (Kim Go Eun) is used to interacting with spirits, but for the ordinary Sunny, it is completely overwhelming. There is a fine irony, as well, since Sunny is considered to be a beautiful woman with out-of-the-ordinary behaviors - but she was not prepared for Ji Eun Tak's magical life!

Since we are already this deep into the drama, I wasn't expecting Sunny to discover that "Kim Woo Bin" is a Grim Reaper (Lee Dong Wook) in such a ridiculous way. The reveal could have been better executed. Just why exactly would she bring in a cherry blossom branch and decide to suddenly swing it in the air? It really seemed unrealistic but seeing the Grim Reaper's hat fly off and him suddenly materialize in front of her eyes was a "mabsosa" moment for sure!

At least Kim Shin brought some justice and sense to the plot by deciding not to hold back and pick up the pace of the drama by finally revealing to Ji Eun Tak the truth behind his sword and the results of pulling it out. I was starting to worry that the drama would simply dump it all in one giant finale that would have made things, especially Kim Shin's death, overwhelmingly messy. However, due to the deities' warnings and fate's plan, 'Goblin' will have to have a more organized and structured ending than these somewhat scattered episodes.

Big Red (the old granny deity) continues to catch us off guard, but in a refreshing way, as I was not expecting her appearance at Ji Eun Tak's graduation day. It appears Ji Eun Tak has friends watching in high places she is unaware of. I was won over by how coolly Big Red reveals she was the old granny that watched over her when she was 9 and simply hands her flowers and walks away. She is a total fairy godmother for Ji Eun Tak, but I still have an ominous feeling about her that I love and hate all at once!

Seeing her cry made me realize how prettily Kim Go Eun cries.

However, I was left scratching my head at the way she approached Ji Eun Tak's teacher towards the end as Big Red asks, "Couldn't you have been a better teacher and a nicer person?" Her words were crucial, but from how the scene was filmed I wonder if something else brought the teacher to tears? 

Another thing that keeps bugging me is the sudden relationship between Ji Eun Tak and the class president. Is she really making new friends or does this girl have an ulterior motive? This drama has a tendency to bring up one scenario and address it a few episodes later - and I do not like it one bit. Le sigh.

At least the ending was a lot more fulfilling and exciting than the entire hour that dragged on. Earlier, Kim Shin warns Ji Eun Tak that he and the Reaper received her death card and she should avoid great heights and falling to her death. Yet, in typical Ji Eun Tak behavior, she runs around doing foolish things from time to time.

After talking with her ghoul-friends, she decides to help fulfill another one of their wishes by approaching the ghost's husband. Turns out he was a total maniac and pushed his wife off a building which ultimately led to her current state. 

Upon realizing the deep hole she dug herself into, Ji Eun Tak can already sense the danger and blows out her lighter so the Goblin can arrive to her rescue as always. In a more valiant manner, he instantly appears and slashes the husband with his sword and demands he turns himself into the police before he kills him.

In comparison to Kim Go Eun's dramatized character, I have to give credit to Gong Yoo's realistic acting and character traits. Ji Eun Tak meekly asks if he is still mad but he simply caresses her stating how worried he was. I too realized his anger and outbursts stem from the love he has for her, not any resentment or slight annoyance. I think Ji Eun Tak is starting to see this and hopefully, it will calm her fickle behavior.

Now that Ji Eun Tak knows that Kim Shin is being selfless and wants his sword removed, I wonder if they will team up to fight against their cruel fates or if Kim Shin will ultimately "return to ashes." Either way, the reappearance of the sinister eunuch Park Jong Won is definitely sending shivers down my spine and keeps me playing as guessing game as to what his new motives in this new world might be.




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jypnloves Tuesday, January 10, 2017

i qatch episode 12 and i'm crying...

Jenn11 Monday, January 9, 2017

bullshit ..

Fatimaaxo Monday, January 9, 2017

I'm liking Sunny's and Grim Reaper's relationship more than Kim Shin and Ji Eun Tak. LITERALLY BREAKS MY HEART THAT THEY BARELY WENT ANYWHERE WITH THAT CUTE RELATIONSHIP

kddicted Fatimaaxo Monday, January 9, 2017

I KNOW OMG their relo is better than Kim Shin and Eun Tak a big reason why I watch goblin is for them T_T

The End



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