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Posted by AllK_Maknae0 pt Monday, December 26, 2016

Idols who do better in Japan than Korea (Part Two)

Many K-Pop idols have held concerts overseas and released a single in a different language here and there, but did you know even more K-Pop idols found fame and success in Japan?

After checking out the first list of idols who did better in Japan, check out the list of groups below who have met with more success in Japan than in Korea.


After they debuted in 2011, it took MYNAME only a year to debut and becoming big in Japan! In 2012, the boys released 4 singles, Japanese versions of "Hello & Goodbye" and "Message" as well as "What's Up" and a mini album with an original track titled "Summer Party." Soon after the boys became sought after as they became male models for Japanese swimwear brand 'San-ai.' With over 2 live tours, singing theme songs for Japanese companies and releasing their third Japanese album, it is no surprise that these guys are living large in Japan!


The boys are no joke when to comes to their Japanese promotions. The boys have held over 3 various solo concerts, such as their 'ZEPP' Tour, in Japan. Perhaps their single with Jiyoung,formerly of KARA,helped garner some attention? The boys are still growing in Japan but their music has earned more respectable spots on music charts than in Korea.


The sweet boys of BTOB have released hit after hit in Japan. They made their debut in Japan with a performance at the 'K-Dream Live'concert at Tokyo Dome on July 29 as well as in Sapporo for 'K-Pop Nonstop Live 2012.'Their debut Japanese single "Future" recorded a whopping number of 70,000 sales and charted at 2nd place on the Oricon Charts. They have also received lots of awards regarding their vocals and hit ballads, making them an unstoppable force to dominate Japan.


N.Flying hit the ground running the moment they debuted with "Basket," a song that placed 2nd on the Oricon Charts almost overnight. With over 8 solo concerts/tours collectively held in Japan, it is no wonder their popularity has risen so high. Over the past three years, the boys managed to release 4 different Japanese singles, but show no signs of stopping their progress in Japan any time soon.

F.T Island

After debuting in Korea in 2007, the boys marched right over to Japan in 2008. The beginning may have been a little rocky, but they persisted and earned huge recognition after their 3rd Japanese album 'Five Treasure Island' and title track "Flower Rock." They are also recognized for earning the first Foreign Male Band to top the Oricon Daily Charts, which is the first band to top it in 42 years. For now the group has held countless of solo concerts and tours throughout Japan and even promoted their sub-unit A3 for some time.


Basically the male version of KARA in Japan, U-Kiss have gained a huge following and love unlike no other! In just one year the group released a DVD titled 'U-KISS Days in Japan,' which debuted at No. 8 on the Daily Oricon Chart. Their next accomplishment was album 'First Kiss,' which placed second on Oricon daily charts on the day of its release. They also released the Japanese version of 'Brand New Kiss' and continued topping the charts at 2nd place with 'A Shared Dream.' Their second chart topper "Stay Gold" saw more success than their current release "Stalker" as it earned them a 2nd place spot on the Oricon Charts in 2015. Alongside their chart-topping history, the boys make waves throughout Japan with a multitude of fan meetings, showcases and tours.

Code V

The boys have seen some struggles in Korea - but never in Japan! They debuted in 2011, alongside Dreamusic, with an album containing Japanese versions of "Addiction" and "Miracle." In the same year the boys ranked first in a survey that asked Japanese fans to choose a Korean artist's debut that they were looking forward to the most. Japanese fans regard the group highly for their vocal talent and their uncanny resemblance to TVXQ. The boys have collectively created over 14 Japanese singles, alongside 3 albums.


Finally a girl group that's big in Japan! CLC gained attention with their Japanese EP 'High Heels,' which contained "Pepe," "First Love," "High Heels" and "Like." Soon after, their second EP 'Charisma'peaked at number 9 on the Oricon Daily Albums Chart, making it their first release to enter the Top 10 of the Oricon Chart. According to the charts, their EPs and singles earned higher rankings in comparison to Korean music charts (below 50).


Just like the rest, this group mainly found success in Japan. They boys debuted with "Never Let You Go" in 2011 and never looked back since then. In October of 2013, they released their 5th Japanese single titled "Change" and F.Cuz spent the rest of 2013 promoting in Japan. Currently F.Cuz released their 8th Japanese single "Two of Us," which reached a peak of #3 on the Oricon Charts.

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