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Park Hae Jin's questionable past rumor is resurfacing with the Korean president's scandal

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Actor Park Hae Jin is being questioned again by Korean netizens for his rumored pre-debut career at a host bar (a place where drinks and entertainment is sold to mostly middle-aged women; sexual favors can be a part of the transaction). The reason why this rumor is resurfacing surpassingly is related to the current scandal involving the Korean president. 

Since his debut, Park Hae Jin has been plagued by the rumor that he used to be one of the top hosts at a large host bar. The following photo was used as a proof of his dark past: 

Allegedly taken at his 'workplace' with other hosts, it was rumored that the man wearing green (second from the right) is the actor. However, the actor and his agency have always denied the allegation. But netizens claim that now there is a sure proof that the actor was in this illegal business. 

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The current presidential scandal involves a woman named Choi Soon Shil, who is President Park's long-time friend and confidant, who allegedly had access to classified information and influenced the president's decisions -- everything from outfits to major government hirings. As the scandal is taking the entire nation by storm, making headlines daily, another detail that angered the public was Choi's confidant (some say a lover), Go Young Tae. And this is where the actor's rumor comes back into play. 

Go Young Tae, a former CEO of a handbag company, was the one who tipped off the media about Choi's illegal involvement in the government matters. However, soon after he leaked this information, his former co-worker exposed Go's past as a host bar employee, including during which the years Go worked in the industry. While this information was shocking as it is, netizens quickly discovered that the man in the infamous Park Hae Jin photo is Go Young Tae. Let's take another look at the photo: 

The man wearing the white top is Go, and the photo itself was discovered in Go's social media platform. Some netizens argued that just because the actor is in the same photo, it doesn't prove that he actually worked there because the photo could have been taken at any point in his life. However, the following photos have been discovered that seems to suggest that the above photo was taken around the time Go was actively working as a host. 

The pictures above show Go around 2004, when he supposedly worked as a host, wearing the same hairstyle, necklace, and the 'Gucci' belt shown in the original photo. 

The allegation does not end there. 

Back in 2010, the media reported that a famous actor was discovered to have used fake schizophrenia diagnosis to evade military duty. This information, confirmed by the police, had been discovered while the authorities were investigating host bar employees who had used various mental illness diagnosis to avoid military service. At the time, the police announced that although some evidence against the actor existed, due to the statute of limitations expiring, they could not investigate the actor any further. Following are the screen shots of the articles about the military evasion, host bar, and Park back in 2010. 

To tackle the rumor about the host bar, his agency at the time came out to admit that the actor had a history of mental illness, but that he was not schizophrenic, and only suffered from depression. The agency also adamantly denied the host bar rumor. 

Netizens are now claiming that they have a sure evidence of Park's host bar history because of the presidential scandal that exposes Go Tae Young -- his past, which seems to have something to do with Park Hae Jin's past as well. 

Some netizens are reminding others to not jump to any conclusion until more evidence can be found, while Park Hae Jin's agency has released an official statement stating the following: 

"Hello, this is Mountain Movement Entertainment. There are connections being suggested between actor Park Hae Jin and Go Tae Young, who is involved in serious allegations. As an entertainer, Park Hae Jin is suffering from a serious damage in his image by various online content and being a suggested related keyword when searching for 'Go Tae Young.' Even though the photo and the rumor have nothing to do with each other, there are baseless stories of Park Hae Jin that is causing him emotional distress and defamation. These rumors not only hurt the actor but also the fans. For the sake of the actor and the fans, we will be taking aggressive measure to stop the spreading of these rumors. If anyone encounters false allegations against Park Hae Jin in posts or comments, please notify us, and we will take action. Please encourage Park Hae Jin who is busy filming 'Man to Man.' Thank you." 

The investigation of Choi Soon Shil, the women in the center of the scandal, Go Tae Young, her alleged ex-lover and confidant, and many others involved, continue on. 

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catm Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Maybe I'm a little off here , but could someone explain to me what difference it makes if he worked in a host club. It has nothing to do with his acting abilities. That seems like his personal business to me.

jypnloves Saturday, October 29, 2016

the politics dragging every celebrity down with them...don't want to die alone so the impact are not as coward..

nami_chan jypnloves Saturday, October 29, 2016

ikr, I wouldn't be surprised if more old rumors of artists resurface, what a mess

Alin_bap Saturday, October 29, 2016

Politics being played in a dirty manner

sweetchristmas Saturday, October 29, 2016

Depression can lead to making choices that are not in your best interest. It can also be a long term illness which is why they exempted him from the military. It's not a big surprise that someone with a mental illness might make mistakes along the way. I think the amazing story here is that PHJ was able to change his life and become the decent charitable person he is today. It won't let me post the link but Google 'Park have Jin +charity. There's an article on drama fever that talks about all the great charitable works he's involved in.

sweetchristmas Saturday, October 29, 2016

*Park Hae Jin +charity

Funky_Angel Saturday, October 29, 2016

As a fan who has always trusted in Park Hae Jin's clean image, I waited for a clarification article. I understand that legal action must be taken against blind hate but it is his and agency's obligation to put out an explanation on how he knows Go Young Tae, why the four are wearing the same belt, and why the picture was taken at all. That is the only way to quiet this controversy

Gee_Na Saturday, October 29, 2016

Oh my. Everyone had history and the reason behind the history. To live we must move on and that what the actor did. If his history was a bad choice that was in the past. Now he is leading a decent life as an actor. No big deal.

MoninoBee Saturday, October 29, 2016

Dirty politicians always try to cover their scandals one way or the other and now they are using PHJ! Shame on them! And it's really surprising how some people fall for this trick every time! Instead of blaming the dirty politicians, they spread rumors about the celebrity.

jypnloves MoninoBee Saturday, October 29, 2016

suddenly remember the drama pinocchio...they need an extreme reporter as yoon yu rae that can protect our oppas with all her might😅😅

MoninoBee Saturday, October 29, 2016

We support and love Park Hae Jin and believe him completely! Hae Jin nim, fighting!

federick Saturday, October 29, 2016

akp is so wordy these days

missdi Saturday, October 29, 2016

and isn't that Uknow from TVXQ standing next to Go Tae Young :)

yutrial missdi Saturday, October 29, 2016


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