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'Hip Hop Nation 2' brings in surprising celebrity competitors during its first episode!

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'Hip Hop Nation 2,' a highly anticipated hip hop competition show that will feature celebrities taking on hip hop, aired its first episode on October 18 on JTBC

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In this episode 5 tribes, made up of 15 producers, competed to recruit the best celebrity competitors from a pool of approximately 50. 

The first competitor was Lee Young Yoo, a former child actress, who passed the blind audition portion with DinDin's comment, "She has as silhouette of Jessi." She did receive some some criticism from a judge for her sexy dancing, but ended up getting recruiting into DinDin's tribe. 

The second person to audition was celebrity chef, Meng Ki Yong, who failed to move any of the producers. Cheetah and Yezi both agreed that the rap did not have any impact. 

Dana, an idol of 15 years and also a successful musical actress, did well, impressing some of the producers with her good diction. She performed her own version of "Raise Your Guard and Bounce" by Bobby. Dana confessed during the follow up interview that she has never really rapped before. She was recruited by the Hot Chicks tribe. 

The next competitor, titled, 'IU's man' performed T.O.P.'s "Doom Dada" and was showered with positive feedback for his great diction and swag. 3 tribes competed to recruit him. When the competitor's identity was revealed, everyone was surprised to see Jang Ki Yong, a professional model who has acted in one of IU's MVs before.

The following person was an actor named Song Jae Hee, who did a good job by performing a Drunken Tiger song, but failed to get recruited. After the audition, Song Jae Hee stated, "I used to rap in high school with my friends, not even knowing what 'rhyme' was. I practiced for two and a half months for this, and for me, just participating in this was hip hop in itself...I act but I believe that I am hip hopper," receiving applause from the producers. 

Another auditioner to not get recruited into any tribe was an actress Kang Sung Mi, who performed "PUSS" by Jimin. DinDin criticized her rap by saying, "It sounded like a mom's rap." 

The last competitor blew everyone away with his near-perfect performance. The producers raved about the performer and 8 of them fought to recruit him into the tribe. The identity of the skilled rapper was revealed to be Park Gwang Sun, a former member of Ooh La La Session. He ended up joining the Brand New tribe. 

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atlkpopfan Wednesday, October 19, 2016

I'm honestly rooting for Lee Michelle to appear and do well.  I haven't heard much about her being on the show other than a brief second teaser clip.

Crazy_Dog Wednesday, October 19, 2016

the one that sang puss was so funny and cute at the same time

ahgase88 Tuesday, October 18, 2016

cheetah and yezi r so cute lol

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