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[Drama Review] 'The K2' - Episode 5

By AllK_Maknae   Monday, October 10, 2016   15,240   2,146   3



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The newest, thrilling K-Drama around is none other than 'The K2.' Once again our weekends are transformed into an emotional rollercoaster as viewers explored more of leads Je Ha and Anna's backstories. The characters become more developed, the storyline more crucial, and the action as heart racing as ever in episode 5.

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'The K2' left off with Je Ha motionlessly staring up towards Anna's window as he saw a strange light shining on the rooftop. Without a moment's hesitation, Je ha begins to spring into action, leaping from his post's front steps and climbing up to the roof - in pure James Bond fashion I might add - but what could possibly be waiting for him on the rooftop?  I'm taking a moment to pat myself on the back for guessing in the last review that it was Anna on the roof with ramen all along.

Why are there kittens on a roof top anyway?!

All commotion aside, the scene when Anna mimics Je Ha's down-to-earth nature by feeding the newborn kitten just like Je Ha did in episode 1 was surely pulling at everyone's heartstrings! Je Ha clearly doesn't view Anna as a target or objective like the others do - he appreciates her growth as a person throughout the drama just like the viewers.

To my enjoyment, Anna is proving not to be as meager and helpless as in the beginning. While some treat her in a dumbed-down fashion, she appears more cunning in more ways than one. Her clever style is amusing in many moments such as using a heating pad to trick the thermal cameras, eavesdropping on conversations throughout the house and learning more about how they perceive her in order to use it to her advantage. If people think differently about you, they will never expect you to act otherwise, and Anna is using that belief in her favor.

Same goes for the opposing politician, Park Gwan Soo. He has truly unveiled his despicable side and character over time. Not only that, the drama shed a lot of light on his dirtier deeds such as providing huge amounts of money under the table to his employees in 'Vita C' boxes and keeping a close eye on Yoo Jin in order to catch her slipping up.

Wish my Vita C was filled with some Vitamin Cash Money!

However, compared to previous episodes, episode 5 seems to be more slow as it involved a lot more quirks and playful dialogue. J4's ambition in pursuing Je Ha, who is now nicknamed K2 and totally sparked that "Ahh, just like the title" moment, is becoming more and more hilarious. From dressing up and "coincidentally" bumping into him during his breaks to trying to bring food into the break room in the morning. J4 doesn't give up and her efforts are always meet with a comical challenge.

What's real cute is that another agent, K1, believes J4 is flirting and falling for him all along (and can I just say that boy is just as cute as the lead in my opinion!), and she is perceived to be overwhelming to Je Ha. I'm just surprised he didn't call her out on wearing high heels when she said she was outside "trying to get some exercise" at two in the morning.

He is just too cute though. Why don't guys smile at me like that?

Despite J4's attempts, we all know the real love connection is sparking between Je Ha and Anna. Although Je Ha can't seem to let go of Raniya, his past love, since he is still often recollecting her, he still seems to find interest in watching Anna, especially when he makes and leaves her ramen in the kitchen. Yet we still question his intentions as some moments he gazes towards her with wonderment and curiosity while, in other moments, in a deep trance. Je Ha is still trying to figure her out and his feelings for her might come to the surface sooner than we expect.

But all the laughs and romance fade away due to scenes involving Yoo Jin again. Park Gwan Soo may be the enemy, but it appears Yoo Jin's own family are her worse opponents yet. When attending the funeral of her Aunt, she is escorted to a room deep in a basement of the temple without any of her subordinates. In this moment, her entire family are present and air out a lot of dirty laundry.

Her brother's mother-in-law turned out to be their father's mistress and the father-in-law is trying to take the JB Group shares and money left from the deceased aunt's will as a gift for her brother and to further Jang Se Joon's campaign and presidency. If you thought it could get worse, you were right. They also called an emergency director's meeting at her own foundation in order to choose a new CEO, remove her from the company and keep all her earnings and share holds. A lot of grownup talk for one episode. To sum it up, she will be overthrown, lose the election, money and savings, and be cast aside by both Jang Se Joon and her own family.

Just when Yoo Jin's world was ready to crumble, Je Ha clearly gets a hunch and saves her sorry @$$ again. Although I couldn't even imagine how she'd get out of this, Je Ha always has a plan. After confronting and effortlessly beating up more agents, with an umbrella this time, Je Ha sets another basement room on fire so the sprinkler system would go off, forcing Yoo Jin and her family to leave and giving her a chance to cancel the director's meeting.

You can stand under my umbrella - ella - ella.

What I don't like is the fact that after this scene, Yoo Jin gets high and mighty again, to the point of treating him like a slave despite being saved through his actions. The moment she is walking under the sprinklers thinking, "He is not a hunting dog, he is a wolf" has viewer's realizing that if Yoo Jin doesn't place some dominance over Je Ha now, who knows what else he is capable of.

That is why Yoo Jin suddenly invites Je Ha to 'Cloud Nine.' But what exactly is 'Cloud Nine' and why do all the agents seem to know about it and regard it so highly? As we see a personal car arriving to escort Je Ha back to J.S.S Security, there is an eerie sense of what is to come. 'Cloud Nine' isn't some bachelor's loft, hot club spot or anything like the other agents made it seem. It seems to be a place that is guarding something.

As Je Ha enters the elevator, he presses the 9th-floor button and a voice suddenly demands his identification card to be scanned. Upon doing so, the elevator suddenly descends downwards instead and the doors open up to a large, narrow hallway with dimmed white lights leading the way. What could possibly be down here and what will happen to Je Ha now that he has stepped out of line with Yoo Jin? All these questions and so little answers until episode 6!

My life after every episode...






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Popomon Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Wondering did Anna know Je Ha prepare everything for her to cook ramen.

beautiful_flower Tuesday, October 11, 2016

the k2 is one of the best dramas around the world ever

darlingdella Monday, October 10, 2016

K1 is sooo cute!!! That ramen bit was so cringe. When he pulled the umbrella and told her to straighten her back and lift her head, I lost it! That was so manly! I want him to know how evil she is though.

The End



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