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[Album & MV Review] INFINITE - 'Infinite Only'

By eric_r_wirsing   Saturday, September 24, 2016   37,489   6,854   0



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1. Eternity
2. The Eye
3. AIR
4. One Day
5. True Love
6. Thank You
7. Zero

Taking a break from their Japanese activities, INFINITE has returned to the South Korean stage with 'Infinite Only.' The mini-album has 7 tracks, two of which bear Dongwoo and Hoya writing credits. The two also share producing duties here.

The album opens with the epic-sounding "Eternity," a symphonic intro track that gives you almost no hint of what's ahead. While it's more complex than other intro tracks, I'm not sure it was the best one for this album. Other intro tracks usually have the vocal hooks from the title track or something similar.  It's good but doesn't serve its purpose. It does, however, remain true to the symphonic elements used in many of their songs.

In "The Eye," Sungyeol and Sungjong hit the high parts with authentic falsetto (frankly, I thought it was a girl collaborating with them, annoyingly uncredited). Still, beyond that, it's a pulse-pounding anthem with much to recommend it. It has their trademark blend of orchestral and electronic elements, with some dubstep breaks -- the combo makes this song pop. Hoya and Dongwoo abandon their raps here and instead hold their own vocally with the others, which makes this song stand out even more.

You don't go long without those urban beats in "Air." EDM is the main instrumentation here, along with the raps we're used to. They pour as much power into the chorus here as in other songs, and its fierceness works well alongside the smoothness. There's no time for vocal runs as the music doesn't let up until the end. "Air" is a tune that grabs you from the start.

"Zero" almost sounds '80s-style in the intro, and the boys pick it up and sing with gusto here. In some ways it reminds me of disco, but they definitely deliver here, and the raps are just as raw as the rest of the song. I love the unleashed nature of the tune, and the emotion is palpable in this tune. The only issue I have is the sudden ending.

One thing you'll notice on this disc is the absolute lack of pure ballads. "Thank You" comes close, but it's more of a soft pop tune than a ballad. "One Day" is in a similar boat, being more of a rock ballad. What's interesting is that the softer tunes are sandwiched in between the harder club bangers, allowing the album to end with a bang. I like it. It doesn't slow down enough to blunt its edge, and I love the album has a more electronic bent, without changing their sound completely. Definitely thumbs up.


There's a line in the song: "trapped in your eyes." The producers took the line literally, so that is the dramatic focus of the MV. The environment is post-apocalyptic, L is caught in his ex-lover's eye, and the boys fight to keep him from getting sucked back in. The concept might be laughable, but in this producer's skilled hands, it works well.

They do a good job here. The environment is crisp and believable, and there are nods to Infinite's past MVs like "Chaser" and "Before the Dawn." At the end of the MV is a photo from a 2015 magazine shoot, maybe to bridge the past and present?

The dancing scenes are quite good. The choreo isn't that complex, but the boys' movements are so crisp and forceful that it more than makes up for that. The performance ranks up there with some of the more elaborate dance sequences.

Overall, this was highly enjoyable. If I thought highly of the song, I was in for a surprise that the video is just as good. Sometimes the MVs are just something they put out to have something to go along with their album. This MV is far more artistic than just filler.


MV Relevance..........8
MV Production.........8
MV Concept.............7

Album Production...8
Album Concept........7

  2. infinite only

DramaFreakkk Thursday, September 29, 2016

I suggest the reviewer should check out the review by Billboard.  The opinions of allkpop are obviously based on personal preference.  And obviously he's not so much for this type of music.  There's no understanding of Infinite music, specifically the style, the colors, and the elements of their music arrangement.  The analysis is out of blue, to be honest. For example, on what basis does an intro have to be related to any song of the album?  Is there a formula in music theory to expect intro taking pieces or making twists out of title track?  Intro is to grab listener's attention ready for something unexpected and excited.   Other than the obvious string orchestra elements the reviewer noted (it's so obvious that no one can ignore that since it's INFINITE's signature LOL), nothing else in this analysis comes close to a pro analysis of the characteristics of the songs and the concepts of the album.  For example, those string accompaniments in the background can't be even mistakenly called symphonic elements LOL. Having string instruments harmonizing music arrangement doesn't mean those are symphonic elements.  My goodness!  Go check music dictionary what symphony stands for, editor!  This reviewer should take some lessons in classical music; well it doesn't have to be classical music, just music in general, seriously.   Music review is not just what random music fans can do or should do.  If you don't have extensive knowledge or training in music, you may as well just do REACTION like many Youtubers do nowadays and it's ok bcos that's all your personal feeling and taste and preference and like or dislike of the music you talk about.  But this???????  That's not what I call a review.  LOL  I've long while just skipped allkpop "review" bcos I knew I couldn't really dig any insight out of shallow knowledge about music. And that's what I usually feel about allkpop articles.  But dang, out of curiosity since The Eye is very refreshing to listen to among all the over-westernized hip hop noise, I just clicked on the link and as usual still didn't get any sh*t out of the allkpop this time.  A waste of time.  Allcr*p. LOL  Should just totally ignore any link to allkpop in the future.  BTW, is the reviewer a dancer too?  On what basis does he consider the choreo not complex?  Do you think that's a piece of cake to dance martial art movement 100% in sync?  Another example of ignorant point from the reviewer.  Here're my ratings for this review:Review relevance....3/10Review quality.....1/10Review concept......N/A  (Where's the concept?  I don't even see it.)

17caratarohas Saturday, September 24, 2016

why dont i like this review?maybe cuz i doesnt make sense but in my opinion i love this album

MayBlueCal207VI Saturday, September 24, 2016

This person really don't understand the MV. And why is the intro unfitting? Like there are many elements of The Eye in Eternity. Allkpop being stupid again

Sexyelly00 Saturday, September 24, 2016

All kpop's opinion and reviews do not always favors Infinite and sometimes other groups. It is obvious that they have their own favorites. Readers should not be influenced by articles or reviews here after all we have our own intelligent point of views and taste. All kpop said something laughable with the concept..I'm sorry to say but your review here is also laughable!

vaxanne Saturday, September 24, 2016

I would like to see allkpop produce its own kpop album, we review

midnightbee Saturday, September 24, 2016

I don't know why... after I read this, I feel like it doesn't matter what you think, I just really like their comeback. The mv keeps me watching even though it's almost one week. Their portrayal of each emotions, sadness, regret, hate, courage, fear, forgiveness and desperation are very convincing. It also shows that they have numerous idol actors. The song stand out because it's different to most hip pop genre that is so popular now. They are willing to stand their ground and kept their music and not follow the wave. It's admirable. The choreography is very well constructed. I love how they always move in a group, like a typhoon and Sunggyu is the eye. It matched their song. The song Zero sounds so much like their music because they always gave a hint of 80's in their music. I love ballads, not everyone like loud, disco or hip pop music. Gomawo is my favorite. The best comeback so far, in my opinion.

_TardisBlue Saturday, September 24, 2016

The author said that "other intro tracks have vocal hooks from the title track or something similar" and that "it's good but doesn't serve it's purpose". All of Infinite's intro tracks have some some parts of the title track though and if we're gonna talk about Infinite intro tracks that don't relate in any way to the title track, that definition fits Infinite's New Challenge intro, Welcome To Our Dream, as opposed to Eternity. Seems like the author isn't familiar with Infinite's intro tracks to be making that kind of statement. Eternity has the same drum beats and orchestral components that connects it to the title track and leads into it. You'd have to not be listening to the intro to say the intro and title track don't relate. Eternity basically sounds like a prequel to the The Eye. What I find hilarious is that people are never satisfied...when it has ballads "it's got too many slow songs", when the songs are a bit more upbeat and less slow "they don't have enough ballads". A lot of Infinite's "slower" songs tend to have slow pop/rock feel to them. There are probably a handful of "pure ballads" in their entire discography b/c even their ballad-type songs are a bit more quick in terms of tempo. When the author says pure ballads, I'm sure they mean songs like "Mom", "With" or "Together". There aren't too many of them in Infinite's discography considering that even their slower songs are somewhat ballad-rock. That's just how Infinite does things. Varying degrees of 80's pop and rock.

xinfinitex Saturday, September 24, 2016

i'm somewhat offended. @allkpop, you got the whole idea and concept of the mv all wrong. and there's like a whole theory and analysis done by fans which are done better than professional writers of allkpop. and plus the critique for the songs seems so half-hearted. and it's not just towards infinite albums but every other album review you did in general. i hope allkpop would do at least a bit of research or serious analysis before doing a review because sometimes i feel that it's reviewed by only listening to it halfway. if not, then just stop the reviews because it's the same as belittling the group's music or offending fandoms. anyways, infinite always delivers high quality music and it's been acknowledged by other fandoms too, it's a fact, so i don't really understand and don't appreciate the low rating. we all know that's it's definitely higher. anticipate and support infinite's 'typhoon/the eye'!! because they are definitely going to slay and exceed these nonsensical ratings.

Ioana4j Saturday, September 24, 2016

Allkpop should really stop doing reviews... its writer have no idea about good music...

lotsofonigiri Saturday, September 24, 2016

7.6 ?? REALLY BRUH not even an 8??

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